News Ryback to issue an open challenge on Sunday

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    I expected him to feature as he's been getting lots of TV time. Squash match probably. Axel face turn?
  2. Henry Returns?
  3. The New Khali debut!! Time to mark!
  4. Possibly. Would be dumb though because they'd be missing out on a decent amount PPV buys. Henry draws and casuals love big guys.
  5. True, but Raw would be pretty huge.
  6. So he "likes to be a bully now"? No chance of him just turning on Axel and going babyface?

    Ahh, well. One more reason not to watch this show. Manning vs Brady is on.
  7. Honestly i hope they gave up on him, and he is staying intent on fucking anything up he has left. He really will need a big move to go back to face, and maybe Henry could beat it out of him? (Injury break, see you at RR)
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  8. Would be cool if Xavier Woods won by roll-up and then Ryback can return at the Rumble as a face.
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  9. I automatically read this as "ryback to lose a challenge sunday."
  10. Henry was the first to come to mind. Christian, Axel, Woods?
  11. I forgot about Christian, again. Man i wish they would get him in a feud or at least pre-ppv commentary. The dude oozes charisma.
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  12. IKR. Also had an awesome match with Del Rio at Summerslam.
  13. Mark Henry comes to mind for me as well... except I was holding out hope that he would return as a heel. This would squash those hopes.
  14. Unless he beats Ryback mercilessly, injuring him. That's honestly the only chance i see him having returning as a face.

    Heel Henry is too damn good to make me see him be a face. Plus him vs the shield? I'd rather see him go vs Show (not the match, but the build...and the lack of good options for a non-title corporate angle match)
  15. Yeahhhhhh, I'd much rather prefer Henry as a heel. Kinda sucks as a face imo. Heel Henry is the way to go ya'll
  16. Sounds like a Henry return, since Ryback has been wrestling giants this week.
  17. Santino is getting a win. Woooooooooo
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  18. Jericho, christian or Henry should return
  19. Jericho? Coming back already? Naaahhh :jericho:
  20. Why not?
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