Ryback to work with Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. What was the ending of RAW about?
  2. it confused me o.o wasn't expecting to see ryback there. i doubt there will be a punk/ryback feud any time soon.
  3. Why would they end it with Punk walking away from Ryback who's staring him down though? Miz/Ryback seems to have already ended by Ryback squashing him :S.
  4. They might be using Ryback as a back up in case Cena cannot wrestle at HIAC. And I will be the first to admit that a match between Punk and Ryback in the cell would probably be pretty sweet.
  5. Punk needs to be the guy to end the streak then.
  6. Yeah and the cell is the perfect environment to allow a dirt win if they want to protect Ryback.
  7. Fuck dirty wins. The guy just drew with Cena in Cena's hometown. Have him go over Ryback cleanly and book it as Punk seriously being a big force in the ring and Ryback not anticipating such a contest. Protect Punk, not Ryback - this is coming from probably the biggest Ryback mark on here too.
  8. When I meant dirty I meant not your standard one two three pin win. I meant have them use the cell. Have Punk slam Ryback into the stairs, beat him with a chair, chain him to the ringpost and go to town with a sledgehammer, that sort of finish before going for the pin (or have the ref stop the match due to Ryback being unable to continue.) This builds Punk as a massive force that took out Ryback and isn't afraid of being physical. And it builds Ryback as a tough bastard since he didn't back down.
  9. Why protect the guy? Punk's been doing this for years, and he's at the top of the mountain, while Ryback's a noob who just recently debuted. Why not have a long, competitive match? Punk gets a push since he beat the undefeated monster, while Ryback pushes the much more credible WWE Champion to the limit?
  10. That is what I see would come out of my idea. A long, competitive and vicious match which ends with Punk pinning Ryback benefits both guys, Punk right now and Ryback in the long run. Punk becomes the man that stopped Ryback and Ryback can later on in his career reference his first hell in a cell match against one of the "toughest bastards out there"
  11. Ryback beats Punk for the title, faces Rocky at RR. Rocky stomps Ryback and takes title to WM.

    I j/k. It was just a random scenario that popped in my head. Thought I'd share. :lol1:
  12. Seems legit.:pity:

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  13. Lmao.

    Yeah, having Punk go over him in a half an hour long match would do the world of good for both guys. Ryback for me has been booked too strongly. It's getting to the point where he just seems too strong to be beaten by anyone and destroying a fairly credible guy like Miz in about 3-4 minutes is too much. Besides, it would get the whole awkward 'who's gonna beat the streak' thing out of the way, because if it keeps on going the way it is it's gonna get to the point where only one of the superfaces can look realistic beating him for it, and, that would make absolutely no sense and just look silly.

    Besides, Punk/Ryback in Hell in a Cell would be awesome.
  14. I hope not, unless I beat the crap out of him.
  15. Seems interesting, I would like to see this. It'll make Ryback look strong, and give CM Punk more heat if he wins against Ryback since he hasn't lost a match yet.
  16. Could be good if booked right. Let's see where this ends. After Ryback squashed Miz I'm quite certain he's going higher than the IC title really fast, the WWE title could be the goal. Punk vs Ryback could work very well for both guys if done correctly.
  17. I'm hoping they're just using the scene as part of the storyline, remember Punk said something like "I'm sure there are a lot of people backstage who want a shot at the title!", maybe will see more people 'eyeing' Punk's title/reign?
    Hoping that's the case.
    I don't hate Ryback but he definitely does not need a title shot this soon.
  18. I agree. Not necessarily that means Ryback's challenging for the title... I think it could be because we were hoping for a Miz feud but that went down the drain since Ryback squashed him, so it doesn't leave many other options (maybe Big Show?). But I could see it as what you said, just one-off segment, so to speak.
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