Ryback twitter thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Gotta love da big guy :happy:
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  3. Haha what a guy
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  4. Hahahahaha that's fucking legendary. Did you see the other shit he's been saying? It's all just as golden. It's about time he started sticking it to douchebag ****s like that guy.
  5. Pick it up! Put it down! Pick it up! Stop chanting, "Goldberg"
  6. It's funny because he's fat
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  7. Is Ryan Reeves aka Ryback being paid extra to be mean to people on twitter?
  8. That was funny but still fuck Ryback
  9. Makes me want to tweet back to Ryback, "That's what happens to bullies!"
  10. His whole twitter is absolutely hilarious
  11. He says it strange though, sounds like he's saying bowlies.
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  12. Exactly. I wouldn't be able to capture his enunciation and facial expression over typing, which is what adds so much to it.
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  14. :lol1: Thanks for proving me wrong, sir.
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  15. I think we have some twats on here who would make great fodder for Ryback on Twitter.

    You guys should really air your grievances with him.
  16. if he could convert stuff like this into promos it would be great hopefully haymen can unlock it out of him
  17. Ryback should learn to say bully properly before judging other people
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