Ryback upset on current role

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 11, 2013.

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  2. fuck Ryback. He has no right to ask for a super push.
  3. If true good, no guy should ever be happy where he is that breed complacancy. If you're not happy where you are then complain all you want as long as you tear the house down the next night.
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  4. He really thought they would give him the World Heavyweight Championship. LOL.
  5. Didn't everyone think they would before ADR won the title?
  6. Whilst I've never heard of that source, I'm glad. My opinion of this is identical of the one regarding Zack Ryder. Superstars that aren't happy and want more -- when you could easily settle with your pay day -- are the wrestlers who try harder out there. I guess it could be a coincidence that Ryder and Ryback are both really over, but I don't see it that way. Ryback clearly wants more and that's great, but he must be somewhat happy regarding his quick push (all be it under lucky circumstances).

    As for his heel turn, it's far too soon. I think he'd play a great heel as I remember him being the stand out guy behind Barrett during the Nexus run. He could pull the facial expressions needed and cut decent promos so it'd work, but I think his current face character could do so much more. If it was more anti-hero instead of superman then it'd sky-rocket up the drawing scale imo. Either way, he's talented, and I'm glad he wants more for himself.
  7. I was being a smart ass in reflecting on his failed push.
  8. He's still fairly new to the WWE as a Superstar so although I can see why Ryback would want to continue his push and compete for another championship opportunity, the WWE still has to find ways to engage him in many different matches so that he becomes a staple in the company. He seems to be a favorite with some young fans so I'm sure the WWE is just taking advantage of that right now and maybe later on he'll get a heel turn.
  10. Cool story bro.

    Now transform back to the old Lockard with good wrestling knowledge.
  11. GREAT wrestling knowledge, you mean.

    My complete knowledge of WWF/E would make people's head spin... Not to brag or anything.

    *Transformation Complete*
  12. Yeah whatever..
  13. To me, why is he complaining at all? Yeah, he starts at the top and comes back down. That happens to a lot of people, but get over it. Some people start at the bottom, he should get his greed in check and be thankful he isn't a low carder that isn't used at all.
  14. I understand why he's complaining. He hasn't been well utilized. I still think he could've been booked much, much better if Vince still had a clue, or at least if he hadn't been kept in the ME after HIAC. Although I wouldn't him to turn heel yet. But as Crayo said, the guy being used as a face superman sucks.
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