Ryback v RekkinCrew feud still on

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 4, 2012.

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  2. i give it one more smackdown before this 'feud' ends lol
  3. Ryback def. Hawkins
    Ryback def. Reks
    Ryback def. Hawkins & Reks

    That's what this feud will pretty much be, but it's cool that Ryback is in a feud.
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  4. It's what we all wanted - this is good news.
  5. Even I'm okay with this.
  6. Yawn, if he squashes them.
  7. It'll be good to see him have a feud, but it probably won't last after 2 more matches, just as long as Ryback doesn't lose I'm happy.
  8. i would lol if ryback lost to them
  9. It's not going to happen buddy, Ryback will crush them :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  10. or eat them
  11. :ryback:
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  12. :ryback: 'FEED me more' never get's old.
  13. Exactly this. Still, I'm glad he finally has opponents I've heard of.
  15. Speaking of relevant Ryback jobbers, isn't the black guy in the TNA X-Division Championship Tournament?
  16. Yep. Rashad "Don't Call Me Kenneth" Cameron.
  17. I remember watching Impact, looking at that guy and imagining... it can't be.

    He's OK.
  18. I wonder what Rybacks next 'feud' will be
  19. After him vs Reks & Hawkins?

    Probably some random heel midcarder.

  20. This is most likely what will happen, but I am fine with it. It was nice to see him go against someone bigger than my 13 year old cousin.
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