Ryback vs Cena

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. Cena

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  2. Ryback

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  1. Who do you think would win in a backstage brawl and why?
  2. Ryback would fuck him up bro.
  3. Bet's on :ryback: fo sho.
  4. Trick question Ryback tears his groin trying to step forward, Cena cries to Vince leading him to banging some diva, the diva gets the title next week.
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  5. Cena sucks so much that I didnt make a smilie for him.
  6. You loved Cena about a day ago.
  7. I'd have to go for Ryback here, I just think he'd be too strong for Cena.
  8. Ryback because I think he has more knowledge of fighting than Cena. I would pick Cena though if he had that experience
  9. What experience do you know that Ryback has?
  10. dont get on my dick now crayola but u are right. they would both lose to each other. final answer.
  11. Was just asking a question :okay:
  12. I know that feel bro. *bro hug*

  13. Don't know anything about either of them when it comes to a real fight. Ryback has more muscles which is what I'm assuming everyone is basing this off of, but that really doesn't mean dick in a fight.
  14. Cena would destroy ryback
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