Ryback vs. CM Punk might not happen on RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Dec 21, 2012.

  2. Giving it away on TV would've been a dumb move anyway. All the Ryback marks will pay to see it on PPV. When it does happen, I foresee it being that if Punk gets DQ'ed he'll lose the title. Making it a once and for all match.
  3. You could still get an outside interference which attacks Punk and he still retains.
  4. You could, but I don't think they'll do a dirty ending three times in a row.
  5. Wow, if only somebody had realised how utterly stupid this match was before they announced it.
  6. That's why there match should be in a steel cage.
  7. A major WM 29 role? I wonder if that means Punk will actually main event it.
  8. Not if Rocky or Taker are still around.
  9. Major plans for Wrestlemania? Shit that boy better be ready because The Rock is coming to town
  10. lolololol

    silly girl
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  11. Im glad the match wont happen Ryback has had way to many chances. CM Punk needs to heal and get ready for Dwayne
  12. We need that piss yellow font for sarcastic posts. lol

    Really though, I do wonder what his "major role" would be, if they follow through with it. (Considering that's still a ways off, who knows what will happen by then.) Like Senhor mentioned, with Taker or Rock being around, I doubt it'd be anything too major.
  13. What a great idea!
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  14. I think Punk is wrestling Taker at WM.

    And WWE is funny. When it'd behoove WWE to simply end this storyline without making the third match, since they want to protect Ryback and Punk's reign, they keep it up. When we want storylines to continue they drop them. Funny.
  15. I'm starting to think it will be like this, as much as I hate it.

    Rock/Cena II for the strap
    HHH/Brock II so HHH can get his revenge on the grandest stage

    Hopefully to God I am wrong for all of our sake
  16. Unfortunately I also think that's how it'll end up. HHH/Brock is another waste of two part timers and a match I don't really want to see again, Rock/Cena is a repeat of a bad match (for the hype it got) that I'm not interested in and Punk/Taker, as a Punk fan, I'll enjoy, but the rest sounds pretty bad.
  17. Punk/Taker would be a great match but it isn't really what I want to see. The other two matches I have less than zero interest in. Especially Rock/Cena II. I was literally bored during that ME last year (same as Miz/Cena the year before tbh)

    I want a Mania ME I can really get excited for.
  18. Out of curiosity. What kind of ME would you like to see?
  19. Taker/Brock like of others do would be my guess.
  20. Realistically:

    Brock vs Rock/Punk for the WWE Title

    Not realistically:

    Ziggler/Taker for the WHC
    Bryan vs Rock for WWE Title
    Ziggler/Cena unification match (Ziggler cashes in to win WHC, Cena wins WWE Title @ EC)

    Just off the top of my head