Ryback vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE title

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  1. Daniel Bryan is bound to win the WWE title so I think he should feud with Ryback next and eventually he wins the WWE title Ryback deserves to be WWE champion he should of been it during the Cena feud but obviously Cena buried his ass but now hes out of the way Ryback has this chance to get the title off Daniel Bryan. This match would be great
  2. Have you ever heard of punctuation?
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  3. I'd personally like to see Bryan holding the title without the corporation taking it away from him, but technically he has already won it twice.
  4. What makes you think Ryback deserves anything? Did you see his main event matches with punk and Cena? They weren't all that entertaining and he needed to be carried throughout the match. I think his character is improving, but I still don't see him showing much diversity in the ring. You just want him to get a shot because ? I don't understand your reasoning? Do you think he could be the face of the WWE? He's a very poor speaker. He's been entertaining lately but I don't think it's on purpose. He just is so dopey that I find him hilarious. Be the champ? Hell no. There are way too many other deserving wwe superstars.
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  5. Give the title to Hornswoggle, it would be funny seeing him come out wearing a belt which is probably bigger then him.
  6. Funny doesn't draw money.

    It isn't good for business.
  7. And how do you know funny isn't good for business?
    It's one thing to say it'd be funny if Hornswoggle was WWE Champion, but it'd be more like, "Look at this lame company! Hornswoggle as WWE Champion? Lool!"
  8. What's sad is that Ryback will probably be backed by the company to take on Daniel Bryan once his feud with Orton is over.

    I mean, there are really only a couple of heels that could take on Daniel Bryan at this point once Orton is disposed of. I could see ADR, but he's World Heavyweight Champion, so he'd have to drop that belt to pursue DBD and the WWE Championship. The only other one, really, is Ryback.

    Luckily, they have a decent heel group in the midcard right now that could be elevated to pursue Bryan, with guys like Sandow, Cesaro, Swagger, Axel, Wyatt, and any of the Shield members all coming to mind as performers who could be elevated even ahead of Ryback or ADR, but one of those two is probably going to have to serve for Bryan's first post-Orton feud...unless they turn someone heel.

  9. Do you think there will be enough time between the end of the feud with orton and cena returning?

    I'd assume he'll be back by royal rumble

    If the feud with orton ends at HIAC that would be roughly two ppvs that would need to be filled.
  10. Ryback as WWE Champion right now would make no sense with everything else that is going on. He would make for a good challenger for Bryan if Bryan walks out of HIAC carrying the strap, though. Bryan has already carried him to two good matches before and would have no issue carrying him a third time. However, it wouldn't be the best for Ryback since he isn't walking out of the CM Punk feud as the victor and he isn't winning the WWE Title from Bryan either. That's two feuds back to back that Ryback would be losing - first in failing to destroy CM Punk the way Heyman wants, and then failing to take the strap from Bryan like the way Triple H (and Heyman) want. That's on top of his already bad track record in winning feuds and PPV matches as it is. Not a very good direction for a guy they still want to make into a star.
  11. Forget Daniel Bryan its Ryback's time since he lost last night he needs to go straight to the top and have the title he cant go anywhere else after that loss

  12. since we found out tonight that Cena will apparently be back at Hell in a Cell, I would say they could launch right into a feud between Bryan and Cena over the WWE Championship. But, it wouldn't make much sense, as Cena will apparently be chasing Del Rio and the WHC (???????).

    Makes me wonder if they're setting up a unification match between the WWE Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania? Or not. I guess it's a good thing that I can sit here and speculate all I want. Because all it is is speculation. I have no clear idea where they go from here. I figured Punk-Ryback would be over after the match they had at Battleground. Tonight, they set up the suggestion that there might be another Punk-Ryback match at HIAC, but maybe not, as we got the tag match between Punk/Truth and Ryback/Axel. Then, there's a growing rumor saying that Punk will be the next guy introduced to represent the "Corporation" against Daniel Bryan, which, to me, makes less sense than putting Ryback against Bryan next.

    The short answer is: I got no clue...but, honestly, that's a refreshing change to me, after years of predictable booking on top of predictable booking with a side of predictable booking.

    I hate to admit it, but the current product actually makes me :yay:

  13. I seen a video of Cena lifting weights yesterday, and it looked like he was near return. I didn't think it would be so sudden, this changes things and makes the product really interesting. Cena vs Bryan feud would be great considering Bryan was his last match, and defeat. It was a clean win for Bryan also. I'm praying for a feud between the two.
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