WrestleMania Ryback vs. Kalisto and New Day vs. League happening at mania

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  1. Welp... this is officially now just an average mania. I mean they'll be fine but the US title and Tag Title sounds like meh
  2. I was totally expecting a multi-man US title ladder match and a Fatal Four-Way for the Tag Team titles, but now it's just eh.
  3. Ryback vs Kalisto sounds fucking awful. I bet it will be the worst match of the night. They need to add Sin Cara as a heel to make it more interesting.

    New Day vs LoN is only interesting because New Day are babyfaces now. But this is the type of match I would expect on a main event for Smackdown.
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  4. The fact that Kalisto v Ryback is on the preshow means I don't have to miss any of mania. I can go make a coffee while this match is on.
  5. Ryback >>>>>>>> :happy:

    I am hoping he wins honestly. I find him entertaining.
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  6. Assuming this is Kalisto's "slaying the giant" moment.
  7. Ryback is gonna steal the show.
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  8. I don't care if it's WM, I'm not watching 6 hours of wrestling. Meaning I'm gonna miss the kickoff, have a feeling loads are. Sucks we'll miss Ryback's rise to the top.
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  9. Isn't this on the main card?
  10. New Day vs LoN is, not the U.S title match. Ten diva tag & Usos/Dudleyz are the other two on the kickoff. Basically testing if everything'll run smoothly, and letting people fill in. Definitely the only purpose I get from that kind of line up.
  11. Huh? So the ATGMBR is on the show? Crazy.
  12. Maybe they picked someone better than Strowman and figured it'd make for a nice WM moment.
  13. It will be Kane based on his choke slam to Big Show on Raw.
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