Spoiler Ryback vs Rusev???

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Nov 3, 2014.

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  1. Apparently there are rumors swirling around that Ryback is slated to end Rusev's undefeated streak.

    :happy: :win: I like both guys really, but Ryback getting that return babyface rub over Rusev would be great IMO. How about you guys? @Senhor Perfect - you must be happy to hear this. Hopefully it's actually true.
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  2. So when are they redebuting the Lex-Express?
  3. I'm perfectly fine with Ryback ending Rusev's streak. I don't really like Rusev, so it's cool. This could mean that Rusev's going over Sheamus for the US title, then? Alright.

    Ryback will be back into the ME scene? That's cool, we're a bit thin of those... If they're gonna go with Ryback vs Lesnar at the Rumble, I'm all up for it!
  4. If they're serious about building Ryback back up, then having him be the first to defeat Rusev would be a great way to start. I doubt it happens, though. It'll either be Cena at Wrestlemania or Reigns after.
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  5. Not like it won him a championship, so why would they?
  6. I'm not really big on Rusev, but why would they feed him to Cena? You know he's prolly gonna get buried once he catches Cena-itis. It should either be Ryback or an up and coming main eventer Reigns. I'm not really big on Reigns either, but I'd like to think this kid can develop, so I'd rather have him beat Rusev. Anyone but Cena, really.
  7. I'm still kind of surprised they have done so much with Rusev so far. What other NXT stars have been able to shine and rise in the ranks like him since the Shield and the Wyatts? Been a little while I think. Adam Rose - NOPE. Curtis Axel - NOPE. Xavier Woods - HAHAHA NOPE
  8. What sense did it make to feed Bray Wyatt to Cena? They built Wyatt up with consecutive clean pinfall victories over Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns at the Rumble and EC only to have Cena conquer him the following month at Wrestlemania. In their minds, Cena will probably need "redemption" if he's gonna put over Lesnar clean as a sheet again at the Rumble and having him beat Rusev is a way of doing that. Cena is the big supporter of the troops and you have to know for that reason alone that this feud will take place at some point. Plus, Cena is the ender of undefeated streaks - Muhammad Hassan, Great Khali, Umaga, Tensai, Bray Wyatt... the Undertaker's streak is the only large undefeated record that was spared, although even then they couldn't resist the urge of making it look like he had Lesnar beat at Night Of Champions...

    I hate to sound like I'm supporting the idea because I'm not, I'm just speaking on what I see as the inevitable.
  9. No, no. You are right on point, like always. Would be awesome if the inevitable 'SuperCena redemption' never commenced, though.
  10. Well, he's a viable candidate if he gets over again.
  11. Here's to hoping that he will. Anyone but Cena is cool with me, really.
  12. Yeah, I like Ryback too, I think he was absolutely butchered by bad booking after bad booking in his first run and starting over was indeed the best solution. Never hurts to, you know, build people towards the upper card and stuff.
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  13. Hopefully they don't fuck him up with bad booking this time around.
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  14. Bad booking can be the burden of just about anyone, I hope if they do decide to go through with these plans that they do it very smoothly and think carefully about how they want to proceed with booking of Ryback so they don't rush it and make it look like an ugly build up to the main event scene.
  15. Build up nothing. He should just come out of nowhere and defeat Rusev in an expected result on a Raw or Smackdown. They have a rematch after that at a PPV, he wins again and then he moves on. Done. No doing it for America or to 'shut Rusev up' - NO. Ryback comes out, they 'feed' Rusev to him and he wins. The End. Thats what I want to see (so it won't happen, but hey - I can dream).
  16. Oh I meant the general build up to him in the main event scene, I have no doubt they can successfully build him and Rusev up to a solid booking.
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  17. Ryback is > Rusev in every way imaginable. If the guy wasn't anti American he'd get no reaction at all. So bland in and out of the ring. I don't, and have never seen anything in him. Let da big guy put him down.
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  18. Hopefully they start the build up tonight, although maybe not.. perhaps they wanna let Rusev get the strap from Sheamus first and then proceed with Ryback's push.. I'm thinking Sheamus vs Rusev at SS and then Ryback vs Rusev at TLC.
  19. No, it's definitely Rusev vs Sheamus for the US title at SS. Hopefully Sheamus' upcoming loss by Rusev will set up an overdue heel turn. Sheamus is a good wrestler, but pretty damn stale character-wise.

    Yes, I'd definitely leave Ryback vs Rusev for TLC. So, with Rusev winning the title from Sheamus, which is highly likely to happen at SS... I'm interested in seeing if they're gonna turn it into European/Russian title or Rusev's gonna come out with the US title and brag and say something like 'I'm your country's champion now. Bow down to me or I will crush you.'
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