Ryback vs Tensai match is bullshit

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  1. Ryback vs Tensai match is bullshit are you fucking serious WWE you have Ryback beat Tensai??? that is bullshit Tensai could of easily beaten Ryback if it werent for the bullshit politics backstage. Ryback is so fucking overrated
  2. You're complaining about Tensai losing? You know, one of the most boring superstars in WWE atm? You would rather Tensai -- who gets no reactions -- go over one of the fastest rising stars (in terms of crowd reaction anyway) in WWE? I'm so glad you don't book RAW/SD.
  3. I came in this thread and threw up all over my shoes looking at BLFFL's sig.

    thank god for ad block
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  4. The finish was easily one of the most awkward things I've ever seen.
  5. I agree the finish was awkward due to Ryback not been able to hit his finisher on Tensai, but anyone going over Ryback at the moment would make no sense. I agree with Crayo, Ryback is one of the fastest rising superstars within the WWE based on crowd reactions. It won't be too long before this guy has some gold around his waist. If Tensai went over last night, I would quit watching WWE forever.
  6. Tensai is being jobbed out anyway to everyone, why not job him out to Ryback as well? It'll make him look a little better I suppose, but that ending was funny as hell.
  7. Yes the Ryback/Tensai match was bullshit, as in it sucked. That is Tensai's fault though. He hasn't had a good match since he got to WWE. Ryback is also younger than Tensai so as far as backstage politics, of course they're going to build younger talent by making older ones job. Just in case you don't know, Tensai was in WWE during the 90's as Prince Albert.
  8. Almost bro. 99-2004 :-) more like the early 2000's
  9. 99 is in the 90's if I remember correctly :pity:
  10. ....



    not sure if serious.
  11. For 7 month in the entire decade of the 90's yes he wrestled. The rest 2000's lol


    He is just lame
  12. ...although it doesn't happen frequently. happy?
  13. Still better wrestlers than Kelly Kelly
  14. Someone REALLLLY hates Kelly Kelly haha
  15. Finally someone who realises it was actually Tensai's fault. The amount of "LOL RYBACK BOTCH" posts in the discussion thread was embarrassing.
  16. Your posts don't affect my level of happiness. But I just found it humorous that you made it sound like it was a given that WWE sacrificed older guys to make new stars when it is something that I and many others often criticize WWE for not doing nearly enough.
  17. Don't get me wrong. Ryback botched when he tried it a second time, making it look worse than it already was. Unfortunately I know they'll have a rematch just so Ryback can pick him up.
  18. Albert and Ryberg can both fuck off. Especially Ryberg, don't see what everyone here sees in him that's so great... well besides his look.. but then we all complain when someone like Bryan doesn't get a push because of HIS look :dawg:

    Anyway, I think Ryberg is just awkward and lame. We've seen so many monsters come and go, I don't see what will make Ryberg any different.
    And Albert is just boring, or at least his current gimmick is, I tried giving it a chance but it just sucks.
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  19. Not sure who Ryberg is.
  20. Sure you aren't.
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