Ryback vs Ziggler?

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  1. So, Ryback wrestled Ziggler this week on Main Event. I thought we were going to get Ryback on a traditional match, so we could see what it'll look like on Sunday. But the match was pretty much Ziggler running away for the entire time, and getting very very few moves in, a longer squash match if you will. What did you think? Did you want to see Ryback in a more traditional, longer match instead of what we got? Did they want to make Ryback look like an absolute tank without a doubt? Thoughts.
  2. I was quite happy for Ryback, although...
  3. it is obvious who the victor will be!
  5. Was necessary. Ziggler has no momentum at the moment so having him competitive against Ryback would probably harm Ryback. Losing to Ryback isn't getting buried and Ziggler is probably the best loser in the company with Bryan (in terms of making people look good) so yeah, it had a purpose, and it was necessary.
  6. Crayo is starting to think like WWE. "Well Ziggler makes people look good. JOB HIM TO EVERYBODY!!!"
  7. The only thing I expected when I tuned in to this match was incredible selling from Ziggler, wasn't disappointed as I expected the burial.
  8. :pity1:

    You've begun to accept WWE's bullshit. They've already won.
  9. Sticking with Crayo with this. Ryback needed the longer match with a compelling opponent that made him look good. As much as I'd love to say "Shoulda protected Ziggler, throw Superstar X in this spot", there's no Superstar X that'll make him look as awesome as Ziggler did.

    Their best sellers with no feuds atm are Ziggler and Baretta, and putting Trent Baretta in a ME of their brand new show is a terrible business decision lmao. Is it past time that Ziggler gets anything resembling credibility? Absolutely, but given up hope on Vince actually pushing this guy until he gets the belt, he's an idiot.
  10. Was I satisfied from what I saw? Well WWE is known for making MITB winners look like shit until their cash-in.
  11. Are you seriously saying I should have watched that match expecting anything else? :pity:
  12. I'm actually surprised you can't see the logic. I know you're a massive Ziggler mark but BECAUSE of their weak booking of Ziggler, it would make no sense making him look strong against the competitor you're trying to make the new face of the company.

    Oh let's make Ziggler look shit against Brodus Clay, but let's make him look super strong against Ryback. It's not us "accepting WWE's bullshit", but Ziggler needed to look weak against Ryback UNTIL he becomes a main eventer. If Ziggler was booked strong until now then he shouldn't have looked weak against Ryback. Not hard to understand bro.
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  13. No it's the fact that you are cool with it that indicates you are accepting their bullshit. Not the fact that you know WWE is nothing but bullshit.
  14. I'm not. But in this case what else was gonna happen? The result was inevitable, so why go in expecting anything else? As long as he wins the WHC and gets booked well then ill be chuffed.
  15. You again either missed or chose to ignore my point.

    You accepting their shit has nothing to do with having realistic expectations of said shit
  16. Or perhaps he understands it's logical booking.
  17. I missed Ryback - Ziggler but I am impressed with them making Ryback a beast.
  18. nets bury the best talent in WWE for the helluva it e='Crayo' pid='304909' dateline='1351268940']
    Or perhaps he understands it's logical booking.
    Yea dog totally logical let's bury the best talent in wwe for the helluva it
  19. Fucking phone. Cba to fix that shit
  20. Lol. It's not burying at all, Ryback is going to be one of the to stars for years to come. Ziggler has NO momentum, it doesn't make sense for Ryback to have a close fight with Ziggler when they're trying to make him seem like a serious challenge to Punk. As I said, if Ziggler HAD momentum and was booked strong before the fight with Ryback then I would be equally as mad at this booking.
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