Ryback: Way more entertaining now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Jun 8, 2015.

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  1. He used to be a boring jobber, but now I find him really entertaining. Anyone else with me? :happy:
  2. Havent seen tonights RAW, but i've been a fan of the big guy from his twitter moments. I think he is doing well as the babiest babyface on the roster atm.
  3. Ive always had da big guys back. :happy:

    The IC title finally being repped properly.
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  4. The Big Guy is my spirit animal
  5. Aye, can't argue with that. :happy:
  6. He's been entertaining since his bully gimmick to me. In fact, they should bring it back but this time he only bullies the heels.
  7. I've liked him since his days feuding with Cena, glad he finally got a belt and that he is wearing it well.
  8. @Solidus

    Haha, always liked The Big Guy too. Something really endearing about a guy ripping dudes apart on screen... then going backstage to read The Secret
  9. I like Ryback. He's come a long way from the days of being written off as a mere Goldberg clone back when he debuted in 2012 (yes, I know he was Skip Sheffield before that, aka one of the losers of Tough Enough 3, but that run was so short it practically never happened, and the Ryback persona was originally meant to be a whole different character altogether) and has tremendously improved his work as a character and a talker since then. I still think by far his most entertaining stuff was his bully heel character from mid-late 2013, though. He fit the role so well.
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  10. I never really cared for him very much at all, but his segment on Raw this week was pretty good. I think I actually like him now.
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  11. I use to give mad hate to Ryback, but lately I think he's been doing very well. He's very basic, which has kind of grown on me. Initially, for years actually, I kept thinking he was just some big guy who was just like every other big guy: slow, stupid, boring. But he's pretty quick in the ring, his promos aren't bad, and I like his persona. He could use a little more work on promos and I still love him as a bad guy; but, you can't always get all of what you want.
  12. He's the same as always.
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  13. I agree, same as always........[​IMG]
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  14. I do like him. I used to be quite indifferent towards him back on his debut, but I kind of like his personality now. Not to stir anything up, but he's much better then the similar ultimate warrior ever was.
  15. At the start I liked him but was losing my interest in him after his involvement with the WWE championship feud with CM Punk. He was beginning to gain my interest, and more during his bully days, and I pretty much liked him more again. I like that he's in the midcard right now, and his character is interesting.
  16. Just throwing this out there again:

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  17. [​IMG]
  18. I was mainly indifferent to him for a while, but I liked him when he went up against someone I hated. Right now, I've found myself enjoying his appearances, so I guess that was a round about way of just agreeing with the original comment.
  19. I knew it wasn't me.
    Who thinks he will be WWE WHC in the future?
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