Ryback will be a nobody when this year is out

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Ryback will be a nobody when this year is out like Dolph Ziggler said nobody will know who he is after a few months and hes just a 15 minute flash in the pan. Ryback is nothing special and Vince will soon get bored and find another big man to wank over
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    You clearly just have a vendetta against Ryback, even people who hate Ryback can see how over he is with the fans.
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  3. You mean just like Kelly Kelly is now?
  4. Who is this lesner guy?
  5. lolno. The fans have latched onto Ryback and are slingshotting him into high profile status.
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    That summed up what I was going to say.
  7. Wow what a dumbass. Get Lesnars dick out of your mouth.
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  8. This, even thought I hate Ryback.
  9. Yeah, and Cena won't be in the main event in the end of the year too, and The Rock won't fight at Royal Rumble.
  10. BLFFL, You seem to be a lady with strong opinions, and I can respect that... But you're making our trolling way too easy...
  11. I would love Lesnars jock in my mouth.
  12. BLFFL is just mad because Kelly Kelly is no longer in the WWE.
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    To say Ryback is going to be a nobody in the future is to say that Sheamus is not WHC right now. People who get the super push tend to stay on top, even if we dont want them there.
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