Ryback will lose to Henry

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Castlemania, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Ryback is not ready for the belt. I'm a Ryback fan, I just don't think he's quite ready yet. Henry will win, and set himself up for the shot for the championship. What are your thoughts of Ryback's character" Do you think he's ready for the belt? If he does capture the championship, how long will he hold it?
  2. Huh this is a title feud?
  3. Ryback imo needs this win more than Henry.
  4. The reason why I said that, is because Ryback is unhappy about the Wrestlemania feud with Henry. He wants the championship.
  5. Ryback isn't losing to Henry lol. No matter the situation.
  6. Ryback will try to shellshock Henry but the weight will be too much for him to hold that long, and then Henry will end up crashing onto Ryback, knocking him out for a ten count. Henry wins lol.
  7. Unless they're actually going to make a big thing between the two of them, I cannot see Ryback losing.
    Mark Henry has probably had the best he's going to have in his career with his pretty long World Heavyweight title run, and I'm sure I read some time ago that he was considering retiring soon-ish, so Ryback needs a victory to get over, or at least have a "WrestleMania moment". Personally, I'd love it if Mark Henry got the Mania victory.

    Or all this crap will just happen on Smackdown...
  8. Well, I love Mark Henry, but him winning at WM doesn't make sense, business-wise. Putting the soon-to-retire 40 year old monster over the rising young powerhouse in the big show sounds retarded.
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