Ryback will win the Rumble

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Baraa, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Ryback will win the Royal Rumble, go on to face Big Show at WrestleMania and win the World Heavyweight Championship.

    There will be a historical moment as we will see 500 lbs getting Shell-shocked in the middle of the ring..

    You heard it here first..:smug:
  2. You're probably right.
  3. Lol if he botches.
  4. He botched Tensai, entirely possible he'll botch Show.
  5. Yea he can't botch it, its the grandest stage of them all.

    But Big Show is heavier than Tensai, so there is always a possibility...
  6. Exactly..
    But they go for it anyway, they know that if he did it right it will be a memorable moment.
  7. I'm sure Show wouldn't sandbag in a moment like that. Plus, if they're planning that (what was already considered a possibility by some, myself included but I'll let you call it) they could tell Show to lose some weight heading into WM. But let me tell you, although I'm a Ryback fan and I'd love to see that (now that I think about it a Ryback/Show feud would probably suck, but still) but where does that leave Ziggler? He'd cash in after WM? At WM?
  8. Probably after WM.
  9. I see. But this brings up another question that KL has been mentioning for some time, since the Show/Ryback match will probably take place just like you said (I think it will), where does that leave Dolph until WM?
  10. Well....I know its sad but as far as my experience watching WWE crappy booking goes.....I'd say nowhere. LOL
  11. True. Well, let's be optimistic, he may feud with... Randy Orton? Sheamus?
  12. thats sucha forced push....
  13. You can't be optimistic when it comes to WWE booking

    Forced or nor, Vince likes him so you can only set back and watch him winning the title.
  14. Yeah, but with Ziggler being modestly optimistic by now is a good idea, I don't think just simply bury the guy anymore, but... let's see. Let's see. They seem to be building him well now.
  15. Hope they book him well , the guy has been underrated enough, he must be booked the way he deserves, as a top talent.
  16. More like Tensai sandbagged it.
  17. I would love to see him march around the ring with Big Show up in the air :happy: lol
  18. Gay or not, it will happen :otunga:
  19. To be fair, upon further investigation. Tensai sandbangged like a mother fer
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