Ryback wrestling on Main Event

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  1. Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio will take place on this week's episode of WWE Main Event, airing earlier at 6:30pm EST.

  2. I actually like the main event thing. I usually don't watch when it airs but when i'm bored. Pretty cool show and i'll check it out.
  3. WHO CARE? AS I DON'T?! I don't want to see that Goldberg RIP OFF!
  4. Will be a nice match to watch, I suppose.
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    Really? Not even ADR can carry him imo.
  6. Is the guy really all to blame though? I reckon that if Ryback wasn't booked too strong and 'Berto was actually allowed to get in some proper offence he would definitely be able to work a decent match with him. I'm actually pretty hopeful that WWE learned at HiaC that you can't have a guy with a moveset that only consists of impact moves be dominant for a massive portion of the match.
  7. And the match at Survivor Series was much better from Ryback's part in my opinion.
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    Yes, after 7 years he should be able to either work with circumstances or understand how to structure one in a suitable manner.
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    He's ok with someone to offer the filler, he can't do a 15 minute match on his own imo.
  10. But he's not booked like the modern superface should be and he suffers from that. Cena, Sheamus, Orton etc can all spend the majority of the match being worked over by the heel before coming back and hitting a flurry of moves, Ryback can't do the same as that would make him 'look too weak'.
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    Who said he needed to use that mentality? A basic understanding of psychology would suffice rather than simply looking like he's hitting spots.
  12. But surely that's WWE's decision rather than his? I agree that he needs more fluidity rather than just one move straight into another, but the main reason why his matches have been so poor is because he's told to completely no sell pretty much.
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    Disagree, guys can make that work well (Brock as a prime example) Ryback has been in this biz for around 7 years and still can't do it. Even Henry was more interesting in ring imo.
  14. Brock's an incredible worker, but from the little I've seen of his matches as a face he was worked over enough to fill the match (One example I can think of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3PCVw2mpYw ). At HIAC vs Punker or ME vs Ziggler did either heel actually get any decent period of offence? It's near impossible for him to be interesting unless he takes some sort of a beating for a decent period of the match. I'm not saying he is a good worker, but it is unfair to judge him under these circumstances.
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    The match with Angle? That was pretty even offense imo also how about Goldberg or Samoa Joe when he was in ROH and bursting into TNA? I'm not questioning Ryback as such as why after 7 years he can't complete a full match with adaption for his character.
  16. Ehh alright I guess. I'll expect to see The Shield there though :Yay:
  17. Yeah but at least it had a few 2-3 minute rest holds from Angle to fill the match, Ryback/Punk had none at all. Even Goldberg (I've seen very little of him, I'll admit that) did some selling and taking a beating. I've never seen anything like that Punk match before, he just refused to sell anything. At all. As for Joe can't really comment as I've seen very little of him. (Insert appropriate hate)
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    So shouldn't Ryback discuss an opportunity to put those in? Even adlibbing it in mid match? As I've said if after 7 years he's uttibg in that kind of performance you have to question if he's up to it.
  19. What makes me wonder about this is the fact that he was wrestling Punk. Punk is known for not letting most of his opponents do the talking during the match, so I suppose that they were told to work the match like that and it wasn't purely Ryback's fault. I understand your point Seabs, that he should know how to structure a match, but I don't think that plays a factor because he was with Punk, and if someone was going to structure anything there it was Punk, and we all know his psychology skills, and even with that the match was bad. That one match I blame on whoever booked it.
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    To be honest Punk not being able to work a solid match with him also concerned me, who could if Punk couldn't?
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