Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Is it just me or are the fans lovin him atm? HIAC an Raw the crowd was lively only for him an "feed me more" chants.
  2. I'm a massive supporter of Ryback as is Crayo, most people on the forum believe he's just all hype, and then you've got the people who just think he's Goldberg. :bury: He's definitely over with the crowd. And I expect big things from Ryback towards the end of the year.
  3. I agree i just aint behind him yet give it time i will be. I was jus surprised how over he's got an how he was the crowds fave with the chants.
  4. Yes, he's really over at the moment.
  5. He's big, white and muscle bound so he's another Cena clone aka Vince's dream student. Pity he's already sounding like the Ultimate Warrior on prozac when he tries to speak.
    Still prefer him to Orton though ..
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  6. Wrasslin' fans love da big muscly men, so yeah, of course he's over :pity:
  7. He unlike Punk looks like he could kick the average joe's ass. :yes:


  8. ^^^ :true: Wouldn't say it in that way tho.. CM Punk has great skills although..
  9. He has a fantastic look, awesome intensity, can cut a great promo and is being booked like a monster, it's inevitable that the casuals especially love him. I'm a fan, he's been pushed too fast but WWE were forced to really, his intensity and differences from typical generic faces is great.
  10. That's America for ya son. Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Better
  11. Over? Yes Interesting? Hell NO!
  12. Not sure if you're talking about Ryback or America in general, if you're talking about America... you're way off to say the least :dawg:
  13. Oh really? Yea America....please elaborate.
  14. Yea understood but you are being naive. America also has the best athletes in world. Do you watch other sports?
  15. True, but that's a very small minority.
  16. Yea so are you are more naive than i thought son. Have you ever been a to a gym before? Abroad or in America?
  17. Yes, and they're either filled up with roided up meatheads or fatasses trying to lose weight who usually only last a couple months before quitting and going back to being lazy and fat.
  18. What's the topic right now?
  19. You are truly stupid my friend. People love to watch great athletes in action especially in America. I get your point, but do you not understand me.
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