Discussion in 'RAW' started by RoyalRaven, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. I've only just recently got back into WWE. My favourite wrestlers are CM Punk, Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder. However I see alot of people loving Ryback, I just don't understand why :/ yeah he's really big and can do lifts and stuff, thats great. But he's so boring to listen to and his matches are just boring to watch :/.

    So with that in mind, if you like/dislike Ryback, what reasons do you have for this?
  2. - I don't find him entertaining
    - Feed Me More is lame
    - Just a generic wrestler of Vince
    - People say his mic skills are good but in my eyes average or a bit above average
    - Ugly Motherf*cker :xanth:
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  3. I'm kinda off and on with Ryback. On one hand, he just strikes me as a typical big man/muscle head who will probably go nowhere. On the other hand, he has a cool name, cool catchphrase, a good look and from what I've heard, he's pretty good in the ring if WWE lets him be (haven't seen much evidence of this thus far, his match with Punk at HIAC was awkward.) He's also pretty decent on the mic. I could see him cutting longer promos and not totally sucking at it. About the same level of mic skills as, say, Batista.
  4. First Welcome to the site dude, hope you have a great time in here...

    Now about Ryback, I think he is good and all, but they just rushed his push, they should have build him more before putting him in the title picture....
  5. I'm a fan of Ryback mainly due to the fact I see huge potential in the guy imo. I admit he was pushed far to quick but people are starting to come around right now so give the guy a chance the potential is there he will win people round.
  6. Just because you like sin cara.... Tells me your not a wrestling fan
  7. Re: RE: Ryback.

    I'm guessing you're trolling again
  8. No... Sin cara is freakin horrid!!!

    He doesn't wrestle.. He flips and twirls...

    Not a wrestler
  9. You mean a Luchador...
  10. Re: RE: Ryback.

    It's lucha style,his sympathetic selling is top notch plus his striking is very solid. Lemme guess Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon and Juvi weren't wrestlers because they adopted this style also?
  11. Another generic, muscular, super fake and overproduced big man, same old, same old... He's the worst main eventer in WWE since Khali.
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  12. I think he's decent, he's not bad. Also, he does have potential and seems to be doing good so far.
  13. I'm a fan of his. His intensity is great, the way his character is booked is sort of refreshing, his promos I think are great, his look is fantastic. So much better than generic smiley smiley faces (Sheamus, Cena etc).
  14. I don't want him to become a heel if Mark Henry's around. Mark Henry is a great heel with that being said I wouldn't mind seeing these two face off.
  15. He comes off as rally phony. Really awkward and forced character.
  16. Hey, welcome to the forums! You should make a welcome thread in The Ramp so we can all officially welcome you! :smug:

    Anyway, I use to like Ryback way more before his push. He was this big, intense wrestler who didn't talk, he was neither face nor heel, he just wanted to feed on wrestlers. He's pretty good, but he's not really a particular wrestler of mine. Maybe after the feud with Punk and Shield.
  17. I don't think Ryback is Horrid. I just think he was pushed really early on in his career and other superstars may have deserved it. What do I know though...

    P.S. Sin Cara is alright in my book :smug:
  18. Pushed too hard when he wasn't ready, now he's at a dead end of his push and will most likely lose lots of momentum.

    There isn't much to say on his inring ability, as there isn't much of it. He's the most intense guy in the ring, but he definitely can't carry a match. He's great in small doses, like the recent match with The Shield and Hell No, however he shouldn't have a main part in a match until he becomes more diverse. Hopefully that's sooner than later.
  19. Crayo's gonna crayo. :smug:
  20. Wow thanks for the responses. I'm also surprised you guys didn't mention he was in a series called Tough Enough on the WWE, under the name Ryan Reeves. I guess the reason I don't really like him is because he built up to be unbeatable and if that's the case making him champion would be well as I say boring. His matches would be too predictable since he's an unstoppable monster, I honestly hope more people see this so not only can we get a wrestler with talent but also some charisma too. Someone I could sit and watch.
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