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  1. Was anyone else thoroughly impressed with his debut? He was athletic, looked like a beast, has charisma, was over (I think), and his move-set was incredible. I think he's a very believable monster.
  2. Could fit in as a monster heel though, it's really needed as Mark Henry is now heading towards his retirement, other than that I personally liked the guy, his finisher is incredible.
  3. Nah Mark isn't retiring yet, he's being rebuilt atm. I prefer Ryback as a face who isn't smiley smiley, a custom gimmick. A dominant force.
  4. Who really knows if they're actually rebuilding him? Maybe, maybe not, but his contract expires this year and they will most likely not renew it.

    If they're using him as a face then he will probably end up like Mason Ryan and then thrown out of the picture, he'd do great as a monster heel to be honest.
  5. Mason Ryan couldn't get over, and is bland. Ryback is incredibly entertaining and got over against some local wrestler kid. Also, Mark Henry beat CM Punk cleanly on RAW... that's how I know they're rebuilding him. Before that he practically squashed Team Teddy on his own. Why wouldn't they resign his contract when he's a draw, and how do you know it's expiring anyway?

    Not all faces have to be smiley non-sellers like Ryan, Sheamus, Cena etc. Ryback wasn't one of those, he reminded me of Lesnar in a way.
  6. He could work as a SCSA like face, a bit like Brodus.

    And he wasn't over, at all. No one gave a shit.
  7. Yes they did.

    Stop avoiding the filter.

    How can you be a SCSA like face but like Brodus? That's like saying he should be like Untertaker but like Santino.

  8. Mason Ryan sucks at least Ryback has personality in the ring. Also with the superstars in the back watching it they sold the debut well.


    @[Jonathan] When I went to Raw back in december, he got the biggest pop next to John Cena.
  9. I honestly want to see Ryback used to completely destroy Big Show and become IC champion.
  10. I'd like to see Ryback built kind of like a Batista like character. A big animal like guy in the ring (which we saw hints of here.) He looks promising and I hope they play him of as a no nonsense face. Kind of like the bad ass Randy was before they turned him all smiles. He has the physique and look to make it in the E as well.
  11. Not a fan of his attire.
  12. He pulls it of better than Swagger who is starting to show signs of a potbelly.
  13. Actually you're right, I'm not going to be a fan of Ryback now because I don't like what he's wearing.
  14. He looks like someone put Goldberg in RVD's singlet.
  15. [​IMG]

  16. That would be awesome.

    That is the first time I've actually watched Ryback and I thought he looked very good. He is a big guy who actually has wrestling ability, could get very over with the fans as a face if they don't make him smiley.

    Is he any good on the mic?

  17. Took me literally 50+ minutes to find a single segment where he spoke, even though he spoke a lot during his nexus run. Stupid YouTubers.

    Skip to 2.20 for Skip, but the whole segment is quality tbh.

    Anyway yeah, he's good on the mic and I definitely think a similar character to Austin's would fit him perfectly.
  18. He's decent enough on the mic going by that promo. He's basically the full package. He doesn't need to speak that much because he can get over via his in-ring work, but it's good that he has mic skills because he will be able to advance fueds.

    Barrett is awesome, by the way.
  19. Barrett is the best heel in professional wrestling (in my opinion, Bully, Steen etc come close).

    And agreed, as long as he isn't some smiley joke guy he'll do amazingly. His NXT gimmick where he was some cowboy was cringe worthy, no one noticed him. He was arguably the star of Nexus (behind Barrett). Even his clothesline looked lethal.
  20. Yeah, Barrett is amazing. Gutted he had to get injured, he's still destined for big things though.

    Can't wait to see Ryback progress, think he can go very far, hopefully wins the IC title within the next few months.
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