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  1. WTF is whit this they need to put him in some real matches but he will NEVER be a Goldberg!!!!!!

    Whats your opinion of this guy?
  2. Stop with that stupid link and image please.
  3. Ryback needs someone to face but who maybe Show or Kane
  4. my bad


    Anything to shut the big show up is good with me !!!
  5. Show will never be shut up :show:
  6. They keep bring Ryback in and tossing nobodies at him. Do they just pull people from the ticket line to face him? On the WWE.com site they have in #10 in the Power 25. What a friggin joke. When he gets in the ring and wins versus some real competition, then they can call him good. Until then, he is a sideshow attraction at best.
  7. You butthurt bro?
  8. Here would be some cool matches which would make him awesome:

    Ryback v Big Show
    Ryback v Kane
    Ryback v Undertaker
    Ryback v Mark Henry
  9. He needs a fued ASAP. This jobber squashing shit is so dull. Credit to him for managing to get over whist doing it as it's really dull to watch.

    For me he has to be the one to beat Big Show cleanly. It completely makes sense and would get him over massively.
  10. He will never be a Goldberg, I agree. He does need a feud immediately, his squash matches are getting boring.
  11. My opinion is Ryback is badass. I want to see him in an actual fued soon.
  12. Ryback is awesome. I love watching him in the ring and he seems to be getting over. Now, I agree when it's said that squashing jobbers won't get him nowhere. He should've moved to real competition the week after he hit his finishers on two guys the first time, people were shocked. I think he should be the first guy to ever kick out of the WMD and beat Big Show cleanly. He's on Vince's good side, let's see how he's booked.
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  13. He's better than Goldberg, to watch anyway. There is no feud for him at the moment which doesn't involve repackaging another superstar. What's the difference between him squashing local talent than squashing jobbers like Slater?

  14. Just wait until he does it on 3 guys :emoji_wink:
  15. I can't wait for that. They should move him to one on three handicap matches as soon as possible too, it'll be more fun, and if he hits that on three guys... :obama:
  16. Mark Henry, Kane and Big Show are all perfect big guys for him to squash once they do decide to move him up. But before that, he'll likely start squashing people like Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre after he gets done with the jobbers (wait, is there a difference?)

    I suspect that if he gets over enough, they may try and do as they did with Brock Lesnar and push him straight to the world title immediately. And speaking of Brock, it'd be interesting to see a Lesnar/Ryback match at some point, since beating a beast like Lesnar (if booked right) could put him over in a big way.
  17. Kane should put Ryback over, that's for sure. If it works and people start to like him, he moves up the rankings and such, a feud with Lesnar would solidify him, no doubt. It's a good idea.
  18. What about ryback vs brotus clay? Also Goldberg is way better cant wait till he comes back
  19. What did you find so good about Bill?
  20. And out of curiosity. What makes you think Goldberg is coming back? He seems content doing TV.
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