WrestleMania Ryback's a dead horse

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by PSachkovsky, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Someone, please give me a reason why someone like Mark Henry got over? What did he gain from it?

    It pretty much killed all the buzz around Ryback. From 'Future Champion' to 'Hall of Pain inductee'.

    Someone please shoot Ryback and kill his gimmick. It is pointless now.
  2. Mark Henry went over because he's a hugely entertaining heel who draws, and is by far the best bad monster on the roster (discounting lesnar). Ryback got his WM moment and certainly isn't a dead horse.
  3. WWE probably saw him for what he really is. A bland, uncharacteristic, generic monster who gets winded 5 minutes into his matches.
  4. Yeah, Ryback sucks.
  5. Genesis is right
  6. Honestly I thought WWE found a way to hurt both guys with that outcome. Ryback still doesn't have a decent PPV win under his belt and Henry gets his ass whooped after a big win.

  7. I WISHS MARK HENRY! inductee goldberg rip off in the Hall of Pain!
  8. It gave Ryback his WM moment, and made Henry look like a super human and a big threat to super Latinos WHC. Then can easily build Ryback up again once they bring up the good heels from NXT. Look to him to be the face that takes them down in a feud before they can go after Cena.
  9. My problem with Ryback is the fact is instead of taking a respectable run up through the ranks, they pushed him on CM Punk just to destroy him. There was no purpose of him destroying Punk's knee like he did.
  10. Well there's two ways to look at it.

    1. Henry gets his Wrestlemania moment going over a big modern face figure in the WWE, and Ryback leaves strong by shellshocking a former World Champion, thus giving him a slight Wrestlemania moment even though he loss.

    2. Mark Henry won, thus making Ryback look even more human and Ryback killed Henry's Wrestlemania's moment.

    Depends on your opinion on the situation. I think it was good. Mark Henry deserves the Wrestlemania moment. He has worked for WWE for years upon years and plays the bad guy role very good. It also sets up a good rival for Ryback, since I can see Ryback going over Henry later on. Also, Ryback getting up and hitting Henry with the shell shocker showed that he also didn't go down so easily, and still makes him look a little strong.
  11. Looks like the feud's continuing.
  12. Yeah, I suppose the feud will continue. Doesn't have to though.
  13. So Henry has to job at ER before moving on to job to either Cena or ADR

    cool beans
  14. Are you making a thread on every single wrestler or what the actual fuck?
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