Ryback's feeding gimmick.

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  1. I'm a massive fan of Ryback but I wasn't a fan of how Cena simply chanting "Feed me More" got him all intense and "hungry", it sort of ruins the aura of the badass guy who just wants to kick ass and replaces it with the stupid strong guy who's easily influenced. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I would much prefer Ryback to be the badass guy who doesn't give a shit, he'll kick your ass and that's that.

  2. TBH Ryback should have had at least a US or IC title shot before WWE
  3. It would have been awesome if Ryback closelined Cena while he was saying that. That would have really emphasized that tweener thing. Then just have Ryback beat the shit out of Punk. That would have been a way better way to end the show. Ryback right now is metaphoric to The Kraken lol. Cena's all like "Release The Kraken" and Ryback's all like "rawr rawr" and then all the 'mericans are like "pew pew, violence" :jeritroll:
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  4. Meh, it was just a one time thing, I guess (him being motivated by the chant), nothing to worry about for now. I guess. Then again, Vince still writes the shows...
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  5. I guess that's the switch which he has, not a bad thing IMO as it offers easy character depth. Him solely being the asskicker would be very short sighted IMO.
  6. He's like Festus with the ring bell, except his motivator is a shitty catchphrase
  7. What wrestling catchphrase hasn't been poor? The only one I can think of is Goldberg's as it was as blunt as his persona, the rest were delivered well but poor solely as words.
  8. Ehh it's alright. He's booked as a violent monster who's focus is to get fed, which his food is competition, he wants more talent to fill his hunger. It would be better if Cena didn't do that, but it's whatever, it doesn't bother me. Still enjoying that someone else has the main event spot, say what you want about him, but I'm glad it's someone different.
  9. And that's the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so, Just bring it, Because I am that damn good, Gimme a hell yeah, and a bunch of others
  10. :haha: Those were shitty phrases and generic, I could come up with better words. The only reason they were big is because The Rock and Stone Cold were like rebels, and it was hyped up. So of course it sounded cool, but it's all poor.
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  11. What makes those better than "Feed Me More?" as words they are no more memorable or easily chanted are they? The delivery of those was better than Ryback's absolutely but solely as words? I can't say they're an improvement.
  12. Because they sound like stuff normal people would say. When someone is about to get into a fight who the fuck is gonna say feed me more. He sounds like he should be in Mortal Kombat or something.
  13. I know i'll piss up some guys by saying this but i am gonna say it I AM FUCKING FED UP!!!!,I can not take more of this shit . I mean come on i thought that Ryback was enjoyable at the beginning and seeing him squashing jobber after jobber was at least entertaining but neither his character nor even his moveset has evolved since then, and to make things worse they make him beat the IC champion like he was a piece of shit and now what they are putting him in a WWE title match REALLYYY?? A WWE title match, I am sorry but i just can' take it anymore.:angry:
  14. Using your analogy, would you in a fighting situation insult someone and scream and that's the bottom line because X said so? I know I wouldn't, apologies for the questions btw just really curious to the reasoning.
  15. i wouldnt say my name after it, but you could end an argument with "and that's the bottom line" without looking like a mental case. Let's say you finished your work then looked at your teacher and said "feed me more" as you pounded on your desk. You would look like a total dumbass
  16. I LOVED it when he did that. :pity:
  17. Vince and creative are just making fun of him because of this..

    Seriously :laugh:
  18. :haha:
  19. Everything about Ryback looks stupid and forced.
    The only upside, is that he has a good look and powerful moves, which gets a lot of fans masturbating..
  20. Seriously, bud? :regal:
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