Ryback's heel turn

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. This is honestly so much bullshit I'm lost for words. They'd set themselves up perfectly for an interesting tweener character, who attacks who the fuck he wants and doesn't need to 'explain' it. But no, they had him make that god awful promo which dragged on for far too long, and then had him run away from the Shield. And to be honest, the heel turn wouldn't irritate me TOO MUCH if the WWE didn't find the need to make every heel under 350 pounds a chickenshit heel.

    Is anyone actually gonna enjoy this? Or are you similar to me in thinking Ryback's just gonna be another young heel to be buried by Cena?
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  2. I agree with everything, although I enjoyed the promo. No need to turn him heel at all.
  3. Everyone will be buried by Cena until at the very earliest next year's ER. So we all have better get used to it.
  4. Cena doesn't like the taste of faces as much as heels so they turn him before his job at ER. Simple WWE Logic. Tweener? wtf is that?
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  5. Maybe you're wrong and Punk beats him for the title before next year's ER
  6. The only good thing you can say about this is that the easiest way to get a face over is to throw him at your top heel. Almost like they really want Ryback to succeed, but then they ruin his character so he can't. #wwelogic
  7. If this was the Attitude Era, what Ryback did wouldn't even be considered heelish. Austin once punched and stunnered a tag team partner of his after the match. Rock was a cocky arrogant asshole. Hell, even the 'heels' attacked other heels. Undertaker and Kane broke Vince McMahon's ankle just for talking down to them and flipping Undertaker off.

    Of course, this isn't the Attitude Era so I guess we can say the rumored heel turn for Ryback has come true.

    I can't complain like most, because I'm actually quite interested in it. He didn't have to go into detail about how he didn't like that he considered Cena someone who had his back but I still don't completely see it as a full heel turn. He wants the championship but he's also making it clear why he has no special feelings towards Cena anyway. He didn't run away from The Shield either, he was leaving when their music hit. Walking away slowly and leaving Cena to take a beating, just as he had taken before.

    I wouldn't even put it past them to put the title on Ryback at Extreme Rules.
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  8. I thought he was gonna be tweener kicking asses. Kind of what Henry does with faces and heels. But yeah. Loved the first promo. He looked like a Sadie beast but then it was just meh. Running away from cena and the shield showing up... I thought he was gonna be revealed as the leader and I was like fuck no NO NO NO. (Was thinking about a Aces&Eights angle with bully) glad it didn't happen and hope is not happening. I guess we will have to wait till ER but the only thing I cannot understand is why turn ryback heel if you have henry(Who Is exactly the same) but Henry draws... I cannot understand that.
  10. In my opinion he didn't "run away" from The Shield. He simply allowed The Shield to beat up on John Cena like he believed Cena allowed to happen to him over and over again. Although I agree that they missed an opportunity to utilize the tweener angle once The Shield came out, it makes sense why he walked away and allowed The Shield to attack Cena after the explanation he gave for his actions.
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. Well, I think that his promo and letting Shield beat Cena up doesn't make him a heel per se, but knowing WWE it'll make him a heel, yeah.
  13. It's not that he ran away from the Shield, it's when Cena got in his face and he just left the ring. Ryback's been pushed as an unstoppable killing machine ever since he "debuted" so why the hell is he afraid of Cena? The Shield thing made no real sense from their perspective but it was a cool little visual watching Ryback not help Cena like Cena "didn't help Ryback"... note the quotes because why is Ryback crying to Cena when there are plenty of guys he could blame for this.

    What is with wrestling's obsession with making every heel a little bitch? Jesus. If they had to go with the heel turn, why not have Ryback push back Cena. then miss a clothesline as Cena hits a shouldertackle, Ryback sidesteps the second one bounces off the ropes and hits a meathook, yells "Finish It!", the crowd starts cheering, then he just leaves and the Shield picks up the scraps. But you know what a better idea would be? "I attacked you because you have the WWE Title, and that's what it takes around here to get it." Face vs face, let the fans decide who they want to cheer for. Bet you money that'll get Ryback over more than anything else they try.
  14. Because everyone would boo Cena :haha: WWE doesn't want to think these things out, it's more simple to make a whiny bitch then make two strong faces fight each other and make a real feud.
  15. I agree with CrayJ. He didn't come off as chickentshit at all, he just allowed The Shield to beat his ass. Why would he try and save the day? Especially against Cena who he dislikes?
  16. I wouldnt have minded if Ryback had kicked Cena's behind then left when the Shield came but he didnt. Hope this isnt WWE protecting Cena in the coming months as there is no need. Proven by the last year when he was a whipping boy and kids still marked for him.
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