Ryback's lost his aura.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. This isn't about wins or losses it's about something more than that.

    Now I'm not nor either was a huge fan of Ryback but when he began his rushed Main Event step up it felt like he belonged IMO, he had the big power player feel but now that who aura has died IMO, I honestly can't see him winning a world title in a finally they've given it to him moment like I could when he debuted. The feed me more chants are still present but it just doesn't have that feel any more.

    Now do you guys agree he's lost that initial buzz he had and is it possible to revive it?

    If so how would you do it?
  2. He sucks
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  3. Well, I'll agree with you. That's the result of a crappy, rushed push and a feud with Punk in which he didn't look as good as he should. And now, before I'm mauled by people saying he looked good even when losing, yes, he did. Was it the best WWE could do? After they booked themselves into that, yes. But they simply shouldn't have booked the feud, and Ryback feels more saturated now because besides that, the situations he's been put in made him more of a one-dimensional, boring face character who doesn't smile but does pretty much every other thing that follows the WWE face mold (mentioned this with Sheamus on another thread today), and got him away from that badass tweener who just beats everyone up we wanted. It's also one-dimensional, but these days, fresh and different, and they could've evolved from that. Now, if they can get him away from that and back to having that aura around him that you mentioned, well, I'm pretty sure they'd want to, but only if they see the problem. Let's see how him destroying Henry at WM works.
  4. Oh hell no he no destroy Henry!
  5. This poster somehow has BITW :urm:

    Yeah he's lost his aura, the booking has been dreadful. The day he was forced into the main event it simply had to be "get him out of there fast while protecting him"
    or a "go with it and push him to the moon" deal. You can not just have him built as this unbeatable monster who constantly loses in the big matches, and then start pairing him up with smiling super faces removing any aura he still had.
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  6. Yeah, I really don't like seeing Henry lose matches either.
  7. Give me a break crayshit I have to post from my phone
  8. True, can't see how they thought it was a good idea to continue his feud with Punk and keep him in the ME after the HIAC match, where he had to be there because of Cena.
  9. The problem I feel was that he should have dropped out of the main event scene with Punk as soon as HIAC was over. They were forced to give him that spot and I had no problem with it because even by their own choice, WWE regularly tests guys who aren't completely ready for the main event by putting them in those kind of spots (Austin at Cold Day In Hell 1997, Cena at Backlash 2003, Jericho winning the title from HHH on Raw in April 2000, etc.) to see how the audiences react to them competing and even nearly winning the big one. But afterwards, I think he should have dropped into the upper-midcard and worked his way back up.

    I think the best way to go about it is to build someone else up (like The Miz, since he was a heel and was IC Champion around that time) as a very credible IC Champion and then had Ryback squash him for the title in the fall and then had Ryback win the belt and then win the Rumble and end Punk's long title reign in a rematch at Wrestlemania in a Title For Title match (same with Hogan/Warrior at WM6.) That would have worked out best for Ryback. But there was a problem there as well, that being The Rock was promised to win the WWE Title.

    At this point, I think Ryback is like Lex Luger in 1993, the aura he had of possible taking off as a big name is gone (Luger winning the title at Summerslam 1993 would have worked out best for him as well.)
  10. I think he's a good and decent character. I just can't wait for his feud with Mark Henry, but I understand where you're coming from.
  11. I don't think Ryback has lost it, I think where he is popularity wise is appropriate because he's not feuding with a main eventer. Is he even feuding with anyone actually, I feel like he's detached from that Shield storyline already
  12. Apparently Mark Henry.
  13. That brief stare down? I'm not going to make any assumptions until i actually see it, but it would be a good feud all though the match wouldn't be all that great IMO.
  14. Show Spoiler
    They had a longer stare down on Smackdown...alone....in a hallway...just the two of them....
  15. They made him lose every big match he had so far, him jobbing to Cena at RR was disgusting imo.
    He will restore some of that aura after ShellShocking Henry on the Grandest stage of them all, not that I like seeing Henry jobbing to anyone though.
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  17. Ryback always sucked. Nothing new here.
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  19. Mirror?
  20. Every post you make hates on Cena lol, anyway Ryback didn't losing didn't harm him imo, Cena slid off his back and caught him off guard.

    Anyway I agree Henry will help rebuild him.
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