Rybacks new look

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Feb 3, 2016.

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  1. Now he looks exactly like Goldberg CaQhgVCWQAQlrJv.jpg
  2. He looks like Skip Sheffield.:smirk2:
  3. That main event bulge though.:happy:
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  4. Even though I hate Ryback faggot ass bitch, nice attire.
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  5. lol And I guess I'm supposed to like him more now that he changed his attire or something, huh?
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  6. I wonder if he is gonna turn heel now that his attire isn't as colorful and fun...

    I can't stand Ryback, easily 1 of my least favorites
  7. This virgin with his ryback gloves
  8. Now he looks more like a beast, the artsy singlets were cool but this makes him ready to be Goldberg
  9. Well he doesn't look terrible, although personally I'll miss the custom Singlets.
  10. I think it looks better than his colorful mustard and ketchup bs he always wore. He looks more badass and you can see more of his muscles.

    He still sucks
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  11. Well before he was copying the RVD look minus the hair. I think his new look is really good and makes him really look the part. He was needing to do something to shake things up a bit. Can't let a natural big guy like him waste away, there isn't many of them about now. I don't know what they can do to shake up his gimmick as that needs an overhaul as well. Somebody needs to tell him that mic skills aren't just coming up with a phrase and constantly shouting it over and over


    Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for him and he will become a big player that the WWE badly needs.
  12. Another Brilliant move by da big guy!!!! You've gotta re-invent yourself to stay relevant (@Aids Johnson) :happy:
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  13. Ryback is a beast, fuck da haters.
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  14. Great heel. He legit tries; something a lot of the WWE roster doesn't do. People like to bash on him because he's buff. I think he does well for his size.

    WWE was never and will never be about how many spots you can do, unless it's Mania or a "passing of the torch" moment. I liked him, ever since he was The Corn fed Meat Head.
  15. I never disliked Ryback either. His "feed me more" stuff was hilarious/awesome, his "big guy" stuff was also funny/awesome. I haven't watched much the past year or so, but I'd take Ryback over a lot of scrubs.
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  16. Bully Ryback was the best for sure, especially when it came to YouTube/Twitter. That pumpkin headed bitch Elgin wishes he was as gifted as The Big Guy.
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  17. Elgin ain't too bad. To be honest, I only hate on him because it's cool.
  18. Bully Ryback was awesome and the highlight of Ryback's career so far, and it's obvious why - he actually showed some amount of charisma and character, which made him interesting unlike how he's done during his babyface run. Thought he had pretty good chemistry with Heyman as well.
  19. He still sucks
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  20. It looks like what Vince faps to at night now if you think about it
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