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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Leo C, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. So guys, Ryback's push has been quite fast in my opinion. For months he squashed jobbers, got over as he did it, had a mini feud with Hawkins & Reks, Jinder Mahal, then Miz. He squashed the IC champ in 3 minutes or something and in the same show, started a feud with the WWE champion CM Punk while staring him down, and now he's one of the possible challengers for the WWE title at Hell in a Cell, although I (and many others) believe it'll end up being a Triple Threat match. We all know he's one of Vince's favorites, and I personally am a big fan, although I think they're going too fast with him. I would've let him on the midcard a while longer, maybe a real feud with Miz, then with Big Show... but that's not the case. Anyway, what do you guys think, is Ryback's push too much, too soon? How do you think it'll go from now? Would you have done it differently?
  2. Yeah, he's a talent but this is too much too soon IMO. Ideally he'd have held and dragged the IC / US title division up to something with other midcard talents before moving into this situation.
  3. Indeed. I'm a big fan of the guy and I don't want to see him flop, which normally happens when they push people too much too soon. One, two or even three "big" midcard feuds (since midcard feuds are never big, but let's say big for midcard standards) would've done the trick. When the guy goes to the Main Event, people should be saying "finally", not "already?".
  4. The quick push worked with a guy like Brock and it looks like they might be going the same route with Ryback (whom Vince is clearly in love with) but I'm not so sure. I don't think it's too soon yet because putting him in the triple threat match might just be a tease as far as him main eventing goes, just to see how he fits in. (Kinda like when Austin main evented against Taker at Cold Day In Hell 1997, or when Cena fought Brock for the belt at Backlash 2003.) I suspect he'll probably go back to the midcard (upper midcard) after the PPV is over, and his push will likely continue to slow down a bit.
  5. In one way I want to say no it isn't as the crowd reactions are forcing a guy who is obviously very talented into the main event, but it is to soon definitely. They really could have used him perfectly when Show dropped out of the WWE title hunt but still looking like a strong monster heel, that would have been a decent feud. Also I firmly believe if John Cena wasn't injured Ryback wouldn't even be in the main event, so part of me thinks this isn't really WWE's fault, they need a replacement for Cena and I guess he was the right guy. If not him, who else?
  6. This question you pose perfectly illustrates WWE's failures. You mean to tell me that one injury and suddenly there isn't a single viable candidate left to main event against Punk?

    Well, yes, that's exactly what you're telling me, and it is hilariously pathetic.
  7. There's viable candidates but they're all busy. Kane/Bryan are tag-team champs, Sheamus is champ, Orton is leaving, Big Show has just come out of that feud and is in a feud with Sheamful anyway, Miz is busy, Christian is out injured, Rey is in a tag-team tournament thing, the only spares not doing much are Ryback, Brodus, Miz (but he's IC champion, champion vs champion would be weird for HIAC), Rhodes/Sandow but they're SmackDown stars dominantly.

    I honestly think this decision was forced and not an ideal situation, but it just sped up the inevitable anyway. If Ryback wasn't over and the Goldberg chants were louder than the rest then this would have been horribly awkward, but at the moment it's working, even I got goose bumps when Ryback attacked Punk and the crowd went crazy.
  8. Hey he's the new Batista
  9. There are*, not there's.

    Kane a viable candidate? lmao. that comedy jobber needs to retire. Bryan? Already jobbed to Punk enough during this title reign. The WHC is never an option to face the WWE champion. Orton is leaving? awesome. Hadn't heard that. Hopefully he never comes back. Big Show? He's really the 5th choice? crazy bad stuff. Miz is busy? With what lmao. Being buried with awful booking.

    You get my point, the "viable candidates" you've provided only get less and less "viable" the more you reached.
  10. Think you misunderstood my point, I was highlighting those as the wrestlers as candidates If they were free. I know the WHC is never an option for the WWE champion, lol. They weren't in order either.

    Also Miz is IC champion, I don't think IC vs WWE champ should happen because I believe the IC title needs to hurry up and get its prestige back, jobbing to Punk after getting raped by Ryback just buries it further into the pit.

    Ryback is the logical choice though I think.
  11. Miz isn't viable at all with or without other things going on. He hasn't had anything resembling decent booking since getting raped by Cena in that last man standing match in 2010.

    And my point is of course there are a couple of viable dudes like Sheamus, but you can't cherry pick them for examples because obviously he isn't a realistic choice.

    This is the state of WWE in 2012. And why is it this way? Because they neglect the everloving shit out of their mid card.
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  12. I think Miz can talk his way into credibility again, he's got that talent. Agree with all the rest though. I do think this has luckily worked out for WWE though because of how over Ryback is, but it's a kick in the nuts really as it's too soon and how do you book it now?

    Ryback loses = End of his streak already.
    Ryback wins = WWE champion already, way too soon.
  13. Ryback losing could help him develop a bit more, the dominant force become more determined then ever.
  14. That's the corner they've backed themselves into. Not to mention how much they are devaluing the HIAC gimmick. It's like, yea, there is hardly any build between Punk and Ryback, but by god it's that time of year so get your ass into that giant cage that used to be reserved for the most personal and hardcore feuds only.
  15. IMO the streak had to go before it got built up to be a drawing factor, something that the crowd cheer for and associate with him. Now I think it's got to that level and they keep building it up via commentary too. Ryback needed a midcard feud with one annoying ass heel like Miz who screwed him out his streak. Now it's too late to just end it so suddenly.
  16. Skip Sheffield lost all the time. Nexus were a bunch of losers
  18. I liked them, just saying they never won matches. Fucking losers
  19. I mean, I've never seen him lose once. And his push... I just don't know yet..
  20. You guys are crazy sorry to say. Ryback is one of the most over superstars in the WWE currently.
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