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  1. Seriously how bad is their combined theme tune. Sounds so bad. Cant think of much worse.
  2. Bad tune. Hilarious tag team. The medium guy and the big guy are warming up on me.
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  3. Yeah I agree as a team they seem to be gelling together well. Had some good moments on commentary on RAW.
  4. They should alternate their individual themes. My favourite TT right now. Especially da big guy on commentary. :happy:
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  5. They should really play to that part of him more on tv a lot more. He is a genuinely funny guy at times this needs to be shown.
  6. Well, I like the fact that they got a theme for the team because it just sucks when guys are thrown together so randomly to the point they don't even have a theme for themselves as a team. But yeah, this tag team came about randomly and they could try something to match with each other a bit more, but... they were pretty good on commentary, so it's fine.
  7. I find them hilarious, and I can't tell why. Their theme sucks, which is a shame because each of their individual themes as single competitors were so good. Their commentary amused me last night, I'm sure they'll win the tag titles somewhere down the road
  8. I kind of like it personally. I could see a spot in the future when they are back in singles action that Ryback's music will hit and all the sudden Axel's will cut into it like this theme song and it'll be an epic reunion of a tag team.. of course this wouldn't happen for years down the road and no one will even realize it lol
  9. There is only one big guy and medium sized guy

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  10. Personally can't stand them. So so bad.
  11. Comedically awful theme for an awful team.
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  12. Their theme is not very good... this is true. But they are on their way to tag team gold (copper) for sure!
  13. Wrong. That's a big and bigger guy. 6'7 isn't medium anywhere.
  14. I don't care for Rybaxel at all.
    When seeing Axel in interviews I actually like him, but I feel like on Raw and such, he just lacks all charisma. Ryback, I really couldn't care less for- I don't think that will change any time soon either.
  15. Huge Rybaxel mark aside from the theme.
  16. Their theme music sucks ass just like Cesaro's new one, I think they could have just kept Ryback's original theme music.

    To be honest I'm not really a fan of Rybaxel but I wouldn't say I dislike them or anything like that, commentary was jokes though. I don't think that they deserve the tag titles for a while yet, it's not overly fair to have them win two matches and then suddenly they are title contenders. By the way WWE were suppose to be focusing more on their tag division right? :lol1:
  17. In 90s pro wrestling it was pretty medium. Hall's words anyway, not mine.
  18. He was obvs high when he said that.
  19. Goldust and his brother's combined theme music
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  20. This is true.