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  1. Beth face turn? Man this story-line is booked by :russo: I swear.
  2. Meh why not. Allignments don't really matter in the division anyway, just have Kharma be the heel as Beth is the sympathetic champion when they're match happens.
  3. Hate seeing Ryder used in a diva feud though.
  4. Bra and panties match.
  5. He's kind of limited in what he can do sadly, the broski gimmick is both good and bad. Why they had him lose the belt I'll never know, it makes sense to me to have Eve wanting to be with the US champion as he should hold some power in the company.
  6. Had a feeling she was turning face from yesterday's RAW with the Ryder/Eve/Beth segment.
  7. Beth is the oppisite of a diva shes ugly as shit
  8. I think she's decent tbh, nothing to write home about but she doesn't need bagging. Plus she can wrestle which is more important than looking good on a wrestling show.
  9. Nope I thiink divas need looks like karmah so smexy :troll:
  10. An ass so big you could slap it once and it'd shake for days.
  11. Don't forget about Santina Marella.


  12. [​IMG]
  13. Ohh God lucky shes not here my wife would freak if i was in bed with her :troll:
  14. Well, atleast Beth have something going on now.. haven't seen her for weeks.. so it's nice in a way :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Agreed daud she's finnaly back in a saga
  16. As long as Eve is heel IDC. Telling you, she looks hot every episode. Showing those tits.
  17. i would rape a pig for 1 night with eve torres
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