Ryder has let himself go

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. So Ryder is attempting to bulk up apparently, with less than stellar results.

    Here's a pic of him from a recent house show next to a pick of Matt Hardy during his worst.

    Probably just at an awkward state in his bulking, but none the less:
    Woo woo woo. More burgers
  2. he should try steroids + HGH if he wants to bulk up. ice cream doesn't help
  3. Absolutely Zacked..:woo:
  4. Ice cream helps if your a sad lonely jobber, How do you think fat chicks end up where they are now?
  5. sadface.
  6. lol @ The goatee. he looks like 'evil' zack ryder
  7. His shape reminds me of Flair's..
  8. I hope you mean current Flair lol
  9. bro do you have a censor to tell you when Ryder/Ziggler threads are made?
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  10. Yep

    Duh :george:
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  11. He doesn't look good at the moment. But I'm sure he's willing to try anything at this point for the company to notice him again.
  12. ::Ryder double fisting cheeseburgers:: WHAT AM I NOT PRETTY ENOUGH FOR YOU VINCE?????
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  13. Vince to Ryder - Well, RAW is in Long Island, what section are you sitting in?:troll:
    Ryder grabs another milkshake.
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  14. Ryder's new gimmick: Generic IWC member
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  15. :woo::woo: :woo: You know it
  16. I forgot he was still employed, haha.


    He oughta start a team with JTG.
  17. What did the WWE expect? It's all that sitting around in catering.

  18. So it seems like the board is unanimous on it being comfort food?
  19. Looks pretty slim and tight to me. All you haters tryna push all these unreachable goals on guys.
  20. I like Zack, but honestly at this point, I don't care because it's not like we see him on TV alot.
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