Ryder is actually doing a music video.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 4, 2013.

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  3. Backstreet is back alrightm
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    Seriously, does anyone even care about him anymore? LOL
  5. Re: RE: Ryder is actually doing a music video.

    I do, he's shown he's got the ability to get over from nothing.
  6. Yea he has and I like his determination, but its clear that WWE doesn't care about him anymore, so if they don't care then why should I?
  7. Re: RE: Ryder is actually doing a music video.

    They didn't care for Bryan not too long ago but I did, same as Punk or Kidd
  8. Unfortunately if everyone had this attitude then none of our favourites would get pushed.
  9. Punk and Daniel are Massively talented, them not getting the push they deserve is a crime..
    Zack is talented and I'm also a huge Kidd fan BTW, but I would never compare Zack or Kidd to Punk or DB ..

    I also want Zack and Kidd to be pushed because they deserve it, but the whole situation has become kinda boring and stale with him ranting on twitter every once in a while.
  10. I really like him :emoji_grin:, I think he's pretty good in the ring. However with his current character, I don't see how many situations or storylines he could fit into.
  11. Kidd is easily on the level of Bryan and Punk. What he is lacking in is mic skills but he has vastly improved on that compared to where he were. Kidd > Punk in ring easily.
  12. Hart dungeon only produced top notch workers. They never focused on mic work though.
  13. Yeah I know. Tyson has had to work loads to get better on the stick. He started getting good and getting over during the last run of the old NXT. His feud with McGillicutty was great. Hart vs Hennig.
  14. I have once posted a thread here about how Kidd is is THE MOST underrated superstar in the WWE right now..

    His in ring abilities are unbelievable, but to say that he is on the same level as Punk and DB is little bit over the board..

    Kidd may be on their level in terms of in ring skills, but his mic skills is not even close to being comparable to theirs.
  15. Good for him, but what is this for? Trying to get over so they can bury him again or something?
  16. The originals were some of the best matches ever :yay:
  17. Which I never stated either. I said that Kidd is easily better than Punk in ring. Which he is there is no denying that.
  18. Kidd/McGillicutty was an awesome feud and their matches were always great. Tyson is one of the best ring workers for sure, I think he's up there in the Top 5. He's not good on the stick, but on his defense, he doesn't really have a character and is rarely given mic time, so no surprise there. I don't really expect him to be pushed though.
  19. @"Senhor Perfect" I don't know if you've seen this so here you go.

    Who says Tyson Kidd doesn't have charisma? Give this guy a chance. A clear cut character and you have your next possible big underdog babyface.
  20. Maybe he is better in the ring, but Punk is way better overall..

    In ring skills are not everything, if they were then John Cena wouldn't have been even in the top 10 superstars in the WWE right now.
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