Ryder picking up wins at house shows

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 8, 2013.

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    From the Fort Lauderdale Florida house show.

    Probably setting him up for taking over for Kofi while he is out.
  2. I don't like his Gimmick that much but he was always pretty interesting to watch, could sell really well. It would be great to see him get some time to shine once more, they just never really gave him a chance to do anything with the US title.
  3. At least they're letting him win somewhere. Hopefully he'll stop jobbing on every television appearance at some point.
  4. Don't like him going over Cesaro, but I guess it's cool that he's finally picking up some wins.
  5. Just let Brad Maddox have his chance....
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  6. He wins somewhere. It's a shame, he looks like the weakest of all times and in house shows he defeats Cesaro... Really, what the hell is wrong with WWE?!

  7. Well Look at who the WWE books him agaisnt. Half the time it's Ryback or someone else the WWE wants him to put over and he puts them over like a champ. His last win on TV was back on Apr 8th in a six man tag his last singles win was agaisnt Axel at the Axxess. This guy goes out there and puts over who he gets told it's time to give him a shot to atleast win a few matches.
  8. Ryder should just go to TNA and team up with Robbie E. and become the Jersey Shore Bros
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    he said on twitter to vince mcmahon that if you don't push me then i will leave the wwe so it seems that the millionaire vince :kiss: just got scared from a little broski :woo:
  10. Ryder? Who's Ryder?
  11. They're missing the trick here with him, he's not even a gamble as he's shown he can make money in the midcard easily.
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  12. Poor Cesaro. But Ryder can easily become a midcard staple, so no big problem there.
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  13. I remember when WWE did something properly.. the DZ/Zack Ryder US Title feud. But they ruined it soon after with having Swagger squash Ryder for the belt, then doing nothing, then jobbing to Santino. Ziggler didn't fair any better after dropping the belt.
  14. Well, kudos to Ryder for getting in some wins. Better than nothing, but wonder if they will carry that over to TV in the near future.
    Now what did I miss about Kofi being out?
  15. House shows mean shit, nothing will come of this

  16. Generally I would agree with that as it seems to be the norm, but the OP mentioned them possibly setting Ryder up to take over for Kofi while he's out, so now I'm intrigued.
  17. Well I'm excited. I would normally agree with Death about him taking out Cesaro, but Cesaro is a wrestler who can afford it because he puts on great matches every night. I've been waiting for Ryder to get back to where he was, so I'm not going to complain about it.
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