Ryder vents on Twitter

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. He must've got a call after the first tweet :bury:
  2. Fucking crybaby.

  3. He could work hard instead of moaning like a little bitch.
  4. Perhaps come up with a new catch phrase at least?
  5. What's with the hate...? This is what we want. There are far too many in the back content with sitting backstage, picking up their pay check and never actually wrestling. Zack has worked really hard through social media to get himself over, and at one point he was one of the most over wrestlers in the company with no booking or promotion from WWE at all. He's right, WWE did drop the ball with Zach.
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  6. What more could they have done with a one dimensional character? :woo: you know it, then what? He's below average on the mic, and average in the ring.
  7. They gave him a chance...he did nothing with that chance.
  8. What chance did he actually get...? He was jobbed out to Kane and put in a story where he begged for Eve's approval. Apart from his tiny feud with Ziggler, they did nothing with him. Regardless of whether you think he's talented, he was more over than anyone else who was getting big pushes.
  9. They didn't really give him with a chance in all honesty. They made money from him via his merch and dropped the ball with him.
  10. lol @ Ryder hate. Whether you like his on screen character or not you should respect the man for actually trying alternative ways to get over when he wasn't on WWE TV. The Ryder Revolution was pretty big time and when ZTLIS was at it's peak when it was just Ryder's brain child it was brilliant. Not only did WWE not capitalize on Zack's self made momentum, but they crushed his momentum by involving him in the worst feud & angle of the year with Kane & Cena.

    So yea, he should be frustrated by WWE's lack of competence.

    The feud with Ziggler was good. Ziggler had a nice US Title run and passed the torch to Ryder in a good feud and in a good match. Then WWE randomly decides to give the belt to Swagger, and then remove both Swagger and the belt from TV while moving Ryder in as the third (maybe even 4th) wheel in the Eve/Cena/Kane bullshit.

    So instead of having an over as fuck fresh babyface US Champ we get that abortion of an angle, Ryder buried and the US belt buried first by Swagger being declared champ and then being booked off of TV inexplicably to Santino being the fucking champ. Thanks WWE
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  11. Yeah, as much as excessive complaining may get annoying after a while, Ryder's got a point. He got himself over and was buried for absolutely no reason. WWE simply dislikes people who get themselves over, it seems like.
  12. Guy's should read my negative on WWE thread. You'll see what he means.

  13. Cryo is right Zack Ryder completely deserves a push in recognition for all his own hard work to get himself noticed by the fans.

    That statement is so true. Zack has every right to be frustrated about the direction his career is going in the WWE. He has such
    enthusiasm and love for wrestling. Come on WWE give Ryder a chance.
    This interview shows his love for wrestling.
    Zack Ryder Sky News interview
  14. This, good post.
  15. Stick him in the midcard with all the other one dimensional, below average mic workers and average in ring wrestlers perhaps? It's not like he's asking to end 'Takers streak or anything, he just wants TV time. Which he completely deserves. At least more than David Otunga and The Great Khali, who have matches every week.
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  16. Otunga has more of the Vince look, and Khali is a freak of nature. That's why a guy like Ryder has to work that much harder. Relying on one catch phrase and same move set for over a year doesn't cut it. Especially in the mid card. Guys like Hart, Michaels, The Rock, etc. all switched things up and innovated while they were working their way up. Resting on your laurels doesn't get you anywhere.
  17. Cena destroying Kane and Zack in the beginning of 2012 was just :facepalm:
  18. Re: RE: Ryder vents on Twitter

    Cena didn't destroy Kane or Zack.....

    Kane lost one match to him and he was facing the Rock The next month, you expect him to job before that? If anyone is to blame for Zacks fail its Kane, he battered him week after week due to idiotic booking.
  19. Ryder's not (much) smaller than most of the guys in the midcard today - Rhodes, Sandow, Kofi, Barrett, Mysterio, Cara, Ziggler, etc. He at least got a reaction, unlike Otunga. WWE just doesn't like people getting over on their own. Unless the gimmick they come up with draws them industry changing money, like Austin, of course. Then they don't mind.
  20. He may have been over, but do you really think anyone bought a ticket, or tuned in to RAW because they couldn't miss Ryder? He was a flash in the pan. Guys like Sandow and Rhodes have better ring and mic skills that can carry them.
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