Ryder's New Gear Message?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lady Deathbane, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. I think it's clear someone wants the limelight :pity:
    and actually, IMO, it'd be well deserved. :woo:

    It just makes me wonder if this gear is approved already or not. If so, maybe it'll be a running gag that Ryder needs a push but WWE not giving it to him. Then again, that would only really make sense if he was the only one that they haven't given a push to.

    Idk, I'm rambling. Thoughts?
  2. Actually, maybe it's a hint of a new gimmick change. People would notice if Ryder had new gear if it wasn't purple. :Hmm:

    Or maybe I'm thinking too much about it. :upset:
  3. Maybe he just wants people to touch his body?

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  4. By pressing his butt? :dawg:
  5. Depends what they press with.
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  6. :lol1:
  7. What's if that's the front side? :wtf:
  9. So that's why Rock picked up the title.

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    I sense I may be killed by angry marks now, bye Senhor
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  10. Nice knowing you seabs :awyeah:
  11. It's very obvious that he wants a push in the WWE and I hope he gets it. He's been a relatively self-made Superstar and has reached popularity all on his own. He deserves it!
  12. Does it matter lol? He's never on TV for people to see this anyway, unfortunately..
  13. We live in hope.
  14. WWE are too scared to release him because his popularity and relevance outside of WWE, but don't want to push him to make it seem like they actually care about what we say.
  15. The truth... it hurts. :((
  16. Ryder getting a push would be nice. He can be a solid midcarder.
  17. Agreed. Possibly even a gimmick change, though it's unlikely considering his current gimmick makes a lot of cash for some reason.
  18. Love Ryder, wanna see more of him not jobbing.
  19. His gimmick makes money in a similar way to Cena's, it's just a bit of good fun so attracts the kids, they love colours and shit plus him being underutilized allows him to build up an IWC fanbase too (as soon as he's pushed we'll turn on him, or at least the majority will saying he's not good enough for that spot) I swear Vince is just playing us at times...
  20. Re: RE: Ryder's New Gear Message?

    Gotta love this place. One average remark and it flies off the hinges into the realm of awesomeness, exactly where i wanted it to go. Thanks Seabs and Senhor.

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