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The Architect

"Hello everybody! I'm Patrick Young and joining me here at the commentary table as usual, Anthony Pederson."

"Young, even though we have our disputes, I think we can both agree that the first episode of Season 3 here in Precision Wrestling is going to be a damn good one!"

"We've got two Hall of Fame inductions, 3 tournament matches, a coronation, and heck, even an open challenge is all lined up for tonight!"

"Let's get into the show and find out what this first episode has to offer!"

Match One
United States Championship Qualifier

Connor Rose @Kazzir
Damien Cortez @GeeKeD

Result - No Contest

(summary from - *promo to go here eventually* by @GeeKeD)

"After Connor Rose made his way to the ring and prepared to face off against Damien Cortez, he was suddenly blindsided from behind by the very man he was supposed to be facing, who attacked him with a steel chair. After laying Connor out, Damien demanded for the bell to ring, but the referee decided against it, and Cortez resorted to calling out the name everyone knows backstage, Trent Kingsley."

"Kingsley responded to Cortez' statement, saying that it was unacceptable how he attacked Rose before the match had even begun, and made the rematch for next week, but this time it was under No Disqualification rules. With Damien distracted, Connor managed to get his own attack in, and dropkicked Cortez over the top rope to send a message to him for next week, that Connor Rose isn't going down lightly."

Match Two

United States Championship Qualifier

Caleb Lee @Skywalker
Sami Black @Indecision

Result - No Contest

(summary from - *promo to
go here eventually* by @Skywalker)

"Another no contest unfolds, as when neither man came out for their scheduled match, it was shown that backstage Caleb had approached Sami before the match, asking him for a few drinks to show his appreciation towards him. It was perhaps a few drinks too many for both men, as Sami was physically unable to compete, and Caleb had troubles walking to the curtain in order to head out for his match."

"Once again, it was Trent Kingsley to the rescue, as he was visibly annoyed with what Caleb had done, but informed him that the kind gesture was taken a slight bit too far. He warned Lee about not doing it next week, as both men are set to face each other again in a stipulation match that will be decided by Trent Kingsley himself, but the smile on Trent's face indicated that he already had an idea in mind."

Segment One

Hall of Fame Induction

The Blade

"The Blade never showed up to be inducted into the Precision Hall of Fame, not a trace of the legend was found in the building, but nevertheless, Trent Kingsley continued with the show, and Blade was inducted into the Hall of Fame, making him the third official Hall of Fame inductee along with Danny Jacobs and The Scat."

Match Three

Joseph Diamond @CiV
Local Talent

Result - Joseph Diamond via referee stoppage

"This... this was unbelievable. Joseph Diamond didn't just beat this man, he decimated him, and the match could have been over in a matter of seconds, but Joseph didn't want that and decided to send a message to current Precision World Heavyweight Champion, Will Neilson."

"A Diamond Twist straight away, and the local talent was out already, but Joseph repeatedly stomped on him forcing the referee to pull him away. The brutality didn't stop there, and Diamond hit move after move with the local talent looking completely out of it after each one. After two Unbreakble Facebreakers, Joseph went for a third, but the local talent collapsed, and the referee called the match off, declaring Diamond the winner."

Match Four

Open Challenge

Mad Dog Jimenez @Gino

(summary from - *promo to go here eventually* by @Gino & Geek773 Geek773 )

"Mad Dog came out to the ring with the Intercontinental Championship round his waist, and was raring to go against a supposedly mystery opponent in an open challenge he himself sent out to everyone on the Precision roster. The open challenge was accepted, but by a complete unknown to the crowd in attendance, as a man in a smart grey suit and tie stepped out from behind the curtain, microphone in hand."

"This man introduced himself as the new General Manager to the company, and was known as Luca Cipriani. He told Mad Dog that his open challenge wouldn't be happening this week, but that next week Mad Dog would be going one on one with Will Neilson, in a champion vs champion match. Jimenez seemed to like this idea, as Luca walked backstage, having made a good first impression on the crowd."

Segment Two


Will Neilson Sanic Sanic

(segment written by - Sanic Sanic )

As the lights start to flash around the Precision arena, 'The First Movement' begins to play around the arena and hypes the crowd up for the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion. Neilson emerges from behind the curtain, World Heavyweight Championship in hand, as he wears a black polo shirt along with faded blue jeans, and expensive looking dark green and white trainers. Will struts down to the ring with a grin on his face, holding the World Heavyweight Championship up high for everyone to see, before climbing in the ring and requesting a microphone from the timekeeper. After a few seconds, his request is granted, and Neilson takes in the massive positive reaction from the crowd.

"I'm honestly at a loss for words, to be back on top in this company feels absolutely fantastic, and I have a lot of people to thank for that. When I say most people, I mean people like all of you who either attend shows each week, or watch from the comforts of your homes, you guys cheered for me even after I came back from the dark side, that being Anarchy Inc. and all the bullshit excuses that came with it."

"I plan to build a legacy in Precision, and whether it's Jack Rogue, Joseph Diamond, or Antonio Stark coming for my title, my legacy will continue in the form of me holding this belt until I have beaten everyone there is to beat! This is a new start for Precision, and to everyone out there, this is a new Will Neilson, and I may have been beaten down to the point of near death in another company, but here... I'm the man to beat, and the best there is, and ain't nobody taking that away from me."

Will drops the mic and raises the World Heavyweight Championship high in the air one more time to a huge response from the crowd in attendance. Neilson gets out of the ring, and makes his way to the back, as the now three time world champion prepares for a challenge next week, that in current Intercontinental Champion, Mad Dog Jimenez.

Main Event

United States Championship Qualifier

Antonio Stark The Anarchist The Anarchist
Jack Rogue Geek773 Geek773

Result - Antonio Stark via pinfall (Superkick)

"An unbelievable upset here tonight, as former World Heavyweight Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank Antonio Stark, managed to upset Jack Rogue by pinning him after unleashing a deadly Superkick of his own to Rogue. Stark becomes the first man in the United States Championship match at Aftermath, but the look on his face after the announcement showed that perhaps he desires something else, that being the world title he lost at Wrestle Dynasty II. What will happen next week with Stark?"

Segment Three

Hall of Fame Induction

Tyson Blade

(segment written by - @Skywalker)

After a commercial break occurs, following Antonio Stark's victory over Jack Rogue, Tyson Blade is seen in the ring behind a podium, decked out in an expensive looking light grey suit, slacks that match the colour of his suit, and leather shoes. Blade stands in the ring with a smile on his face, as the crowd chant 'Thank you Tyson' at the legend of the business and now Hall of Fame inductee.

"First and foremost, I would like to thank a few people. My family who managed to somehow put up with the fact that I was on the road for so long, yet they stuck by me and my gorgeous wife and beautiful daughters mean the world to me, so I just want to tell all three of you that I love you dearly. I'd like to thank the management here at Precision Wrestling and a few of the guys in the back too. The Blade who also got inducted into the Hall of Fame earlier tonight. He showed me that through grit and determination that you can truly earn what you rightfully deserve, I promise we'll go for a few beers later, buddy. Next, I would like to thank two other performers who saw something in me and pushed management to finally take a chance on me, so Jack Rogue and Mike Thunder, the both of you are amazing guys and have done great things here in Precision and I'm so proud of you both."

Tyson chuckles and wipes his eye as he tries not to let a tear form.

"You know it doesn't seem like five minutes since I held the World Heavyweight Championship and although it felt like my journey with the title only lasted second, I still stand here today as the longest reigning champion in the history of Precision. It will always be one of my proudest achievements in my career. Another one of my proudest career achievements was getting to perform in front of you great fans night in and night out, however, our story isn't over yet, my friends. I have an announcement to make right here, right now. As of now, the new commissioner of Precision is.....

"Tyson Blade! That's right, yours truly was gifted this great chance to be in that role with the company and it will truly be an honor to serve this great company and its great fans once again. I thank all of you, for everything. Have a great night because all of you great fans deserve it, I love this business and I love all of you fans, goodnight everyone!"

OOC - This show may have suffered from some people not being able to do matches, but these things happen and we can't stop them. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this weeks show, and the 'I want a match thread' will be open soon to the people who haven't been booked for a match next week.

Thank you all. :emoji_slight_smile:
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