Weekly (S3) Saturday Night Precision - Week 2 - Results

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The Architect

"Hello everybody! I'm Patrick Young and joining me here at the commentary table for the second time this season, my broadcasting partner, Anthony Pederson."

"If you thought that the first episode of Precision was good, then you won't be disappointed with what Trent Kingsley has lined up for tonight!"

"Don't forget about the new general manager and commissioner, Luca Cipriani and Tyson Blade!"

"It will be interesting to see how all three of these men function backstage, especially Blade and Ciaprini. Let's see what's lined up for tonight."

Match One
United States Championship Qualifier Rematch

No Disqualification Match

Connor Rose
Damien Cortez @GeeKeD

Winner - Draw

- Closing Moments -

"Great offence being shown here by Cortez, it seems putting him in a No Disqualification match has worked in his favour."

"Rose hasn't got a chance, he just needs to face the facts, that Damien Cortez is a much superior wrestler to him."

With Rose down from multiple kendo stick shots to the back, Cortez taunts to the crowd and looks to end this match. He picks Connor up and places him in a Suplex position, perhaps going for that finishing Suplex Backbreaker. Cortez lifts him up....

but Rose with a knee to the head! He pulls Damien into an Electric Chair position, drops him off, and spins around to connect a Rolling Elbow to the back of the head! He's not done yet, Rose bounces off the ropes and hits a devastating knee strike! Cortez is out! Rose falls into the cover, 1... 2... 3!

"He did it Rose did- wait? What was that? Okay... yes... Rose didn't win? What?"

"Are you blind Young? Look at that! Rose's shoulders are down to the mat! Cortez has won!"

"But... so are Cortez's... who has won this match?"

The replay is shown to those watching at home, as the referee explains to the confused Connor Rose on why this match has been ruled a draw. Rose is frustrated, and goes to leave the ring when...

"Hold up there Connor."

The new General Manager of Precision, Luca Cipriani, has made his out here to address the situation. Cortez is just starting to recover, as Luca takes to the mic.

"Mr. Blade told me to come out here and... um... yeah, give you guys a solution to what just went down. As said by Mr. Blade himself, this match has been ruled a draw as both competitors shoulders were down for the count of three. However, he did say that a rematch would take place... wait, I have an even better idea! How about... yeah! You're both in the United States Championship match at Aftermath! Great job guys! Honestly, both of you deserve it, especially you Connor. We'll be seeing you at Aftermath then!"

Luca waves goodbye to the audience, and leaves as Connor is seen nodding his head in the ring, happy with what has just happened. He goes to leave but is blindsided by a recovered Damien Cortez, he kicks him in the gut and runs off the ropes... Curb Stomp! Damien places his foot on the head of Connor Rose, he may have just gotten out of a loss, but it is him who has the last laugh here tonight.

Match Two

United States Championship Qualifier

Whoever loses must buy the other person's drinks and beverages for that week.

Caleb Lee @Skywalker
Steve Mitchell

Winner - No Contest

- Closing Moments -

The camera zooms in on Steve Mitchell making his entrance, as he cracks his knuckles and prepares for the challenge in Caleb Lee, but will Caleb emerge here tonight?

"Time to see if Caleb has learned his lesson from last week, as he faces a new opponent in Steve Mitchell."

"I still don't know what happened to Sami Black."

Caleb Lee's music hits, and plays around the arena for a good few seconds... and no-one comes out from behind the curtain. After a whole minute of waiting, something clicks inside Steve Mitchell, and he gets out of the ring and storms up the ramp and backstage.

Backstage, Caleb is seen in a white vest, faded blue jeans, and definitely not his ring gear. He appears to place a bottle of beer to the side, and wipes his mouth. Then Tyson Blade, the new Commisssioner of Precision, walks up to Lee, running his hands through his hair.

"I've already had to deal with that fucking bozo in Luca changing plans for Aftermath, and now you? What the hell do you think you're doing? Trent warned you about last week, and look at you! You aren't even ready for your match! What's the excuse this time Caleb? Please, I'm all ears."

"I think you need to... *burp* calm down there pal. What's wrong with having a bit of fun? Just chill out man, I'll even buy you a drink if you're that ups-"

Suddenly, Steve Mitchell is seen shouting down the corridor, and is heading straight for Caleb with no security there to hold him back. He goes to throw a punch at Lee, but Blade splits the two apart as insults are thrown about.

"Stop! Steve, I know this is very frustrating to you, but let me deal with this. Caleb, for not listening to last week's warning, there are no more opportunities for you to be a part of this United States Championship match, you're done. As for you Steve... I feel bad, so I've booked a match next week, you'll face another frustrated individual in Damien Cortez. If you win, I'll add you to the United States Championship match. Now both of you, stay away from each other, I don't want any sort of fight breaking out."

Steve nods and walks away, as Blade walks away from Caleb Lee, and Caleb is left alone in the corridor, and picks his beer bottle back up.

"Empty... damn."

Segment One


Trent Kingsley Sanic Sanic
Luca Cipriani @Geek773
Tyson Blade @Skywalker

Despite their differences being shown earlier on in the night, Luca Cipriani and Tyson Blade joined Trent Kingsley in hyping up the first PPV event for Precision in Aftermath, only to be interrupted by Antonio Stark and his posse.

Stark called Trent scared, and said that Kingsley only hired Blade and Cipriani as more protection, so that Stark couldn't get his hands on him. Hearing these words, Tyson Blade steps up to Antonio Stark, staring him dead in the eye and demanding for him to try anything. Luca rushed in to diffuse the situation, and asked for what Stark wanted. Antonio wanted out of the United States Championship match, and invoked his rematch clause for the World Heavyweight Championship. Cipriani gave him the match, but Kingsley intervened, if Stark could beat Chris Young tonight, he'd get to pick the stipulation for his World Heavyweight Championship match against Will Neilson.

Antonio obliged, and his group left the ring. Kingsley thanked the fans for attending tonight's show, and all 3 men left the ring. Leaving Stark to await the arrival of his opponent, Chris Young.

Match Three

Chris Young @impactking
"The Anarchist" Antonio Stark @The Anarchist

Winner - Chris Young via Pinfall (Amazing Injector).

"This is a huge win here for Chris Young, as the cockiness of Antonio Stark allowed for the victory to be secured, as it only took one Amazing Injector to keep him down. As per the rules, Antonio Stark will not be allowed to choose the stipulation, leaving it in the hands of Will Neilson."

Match Four
Joseph Diamond @CiV
Jack Rogue @Geek773

Winner - Jack Rogue via pinfall (Superkick).

"A hard fought victory was earned here tonight, as Jack Rogue rebounded after last week's loss to Antonio Stark with a win over Joseph Diamond. Rogue may have lost out on a chance at becoming the United States Champion, but this victory over Joseph Diamond might help him get in the title hunt for one of those championships. For Joseph, mistakes were made tonight, and this would be something he would want to put in the past, as he continues on his journey to become World champion."

Main Event

Champion vs. Champion

Will Neilson Sanic Sanic
Mad Dog Jimenez @Gino

Winner - Mad Dog Jimenez via pinfall (Schoolboy).

"What a match and a victory for Mad Dog Jimenez! He's pinned the World Heavyweight Champion, but that didn't come with some help from Neilson's opponent at Aftermath, Antonio Stark. A Lag Spike on Mad Dog looked to spell the end for him, but Stark's music and appearance distracted Neilson to go outside the ring, nailing Antonio with 'The Perfect Bullet'. However, as soon as he got in the ring, Mad Dog was able to roll him up for a quick and shocking victory, as Neilson was left in utter disbelief. As both men were handed their titles, Neilson gave Mad Dog a dirty look, and shoulder barged him on the way out, with Mad Dog not seeming to care. Is a new side of Neilson starting to show?"

OOC - This was done on my phone, hope you all appreciate it. :emoji_slight_smile:
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