Weekly (S3) Saturday Night Precision - Week 3 - Results

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The Architect

"Hello everybody! I'm Patrick Young and joining me here at the commentary table for the second time this season, my broadcasting partner, Anthony Pederson."

"Two weeks down and Precision doesn't look to be stopping, it's the final show before Aftermath, and it's where all our matches for that event will be decided."

"And trust me when I say that we have a huge main event lined up for tonight! In a Duality rematch, Will Neilson will take on Jack Rogue!

"That sounds incredible, both men fought to unify the World championships at Duality, and now with Will as the unified World Heavyweight Champion, can Jack Rogue get revenge?"

Match One
If Steve Mitchell wins, he will be in the United States Championship match at Aftermath.

Suicide Steve @Stonem
Damien Cortez @GeeKeD

Winner - Suicide Steve @Stonem

"A big win here for Suicide Steve! He advances into the United States Championship match, and has a chance to not only become United States Champion, but represent a new era in Precision Wrestling, a new era that will begin at Aftermath. What is this big change? That will have to wait until Aftermath."

Match Two

Intercontinental Championship Number One Contender's Match

Caleb Lee @Skywalker
Chris Young @impactking

Winner - Caleb Lee @Skywalker

"Caleb not only proved doubters wrong, but Precision Wrestling management as well, as this win over Chris Young has sent him to Aftermath, and into the Intercontinental Championship match against the current champion, Mad Dog Jimenez. With his victory over Will Neilson last week, Mad Dog was given this week off, but he'll have to be ready to defend his title against Caleb at Aftermath, as this could be the chance that Lee needs to become a big time player in Precision."

Segment One

Contract Signing

Will Neilson Sanic Sanic
Antonio Stark @The Anarchist
Luca Cipriani @Geek773

After the conclusion of Caleb Lee vs Chris Young, a table along with two chairs on either side sit in the middle of the ring, along with the general manager of Precision Wrestling, Luca Cipriani. The crowd are fairly quiet, as Luca looks to introduce the two men involved in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Aftermath.

"Hello everyo-"

Interrupting the general manger in none other than the former World Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Stark, who storms through the curtains in his ring gear and entrance jacket. He looks round at the crowd, who welcome him with the usual negative reaction as he makes his way to the ring and takes his place by the contract signing table. Luca looks on with a neutral facial expression, as Stark gives him a dirty look and waits for the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion.

'The First Movement' blasts throughout the arena, as Antonio Stark pushes Luca Cipriani aside to stand by the ropes and shout for Will Neilson to come down to the ring. After a few seconds of waiting, no-one emerges from behind the curtain, but then...

"Stark! Behind you!"

From behind Antonio Stark, the World Heavyweight Champion stands on top of the contract signing table title in hand, and waits for Antonio Stark to slowly turn around and face him, before Will leaps at Antonio with the title, smacking him straight in the face with it and a brawl begins to start between the two. Rights and lefts from Will come down on top of Stark, as Luca stands there motionless not knowing what to do. Will gets the advantage and picks up Antonio Stark by the hair, as he looks at him with evil intentions. As both men are standing, and Luca appears to have shat himself as Will takes the microphone positioned on the table, and switches his hold from holding Stark's hair, to grabbing his throat.

"I would say that I'd be done with dealing with pieces of shit like you, guess I was wrong. You still existing in the company is a sin itself, and it's my job to make sure you never disgrace a title like this. I want to face you in a Street Fight, and every bit of shit that you have put me through in this past year... I will make sure that Antonio Stark ceases to exist."


Will lets go of Stark, but immediately grabs him in a DDT position, and delivers a LAG SPIKE to the almost dead Stark. He leaves him in the ring, and Luca slowly walks over to check on Stark as the show cuts to a commercial break.

Match Three
"The Anarchist" Antonio Stark @The Anarchist
Yuri Williamson Sanic Sanic

Winner - Yuri Williamson Sanic Sanic

"Damn, Yuri Williamson really likes being the mystery opponent doesn't he? He made his official return to Precision this week, and we can now reveal that the former Tag Team Champion has officially signed a long term contract with Precision. He picked up a shocking victory against Antonio Stark, as even with the attack by Neilson, he still put up a very good fight, but it was Williamson that emerged out on top."

Main Event

Will Neilson Sanic Sanic
Jack Rogue @Geek773

Winner - Will Neilson Sanic Sanic

"Assaulting Antonio Stark earlier on in the night, Will Neilson picked up an impressive win over Jack Rogue and gains a lot of momentum heading into Aftermath for his Street Fight against Antonio Stark. Both men fought valiantly, but it was the World champion who came out on top, and the next time you'll see Precision will be at Aftermath."

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