Weekly (S3) Saturday Night Precision - Week 3

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The Architect

"Hello everybody! I'm Patrick Young and joining me here at the commentary table for the second time this season, my broadcasting partner, Anthony Pederson."

"Two weeks down and Precision doesn't look to be stopping, it's the final show before Aftermath, and it's where all our matches for that event will be decided."

"And trust me when I say that we have a huge main event lined up for tonight! In a Duality rematch, Will Neilson will take on Jack Rogue!

"That sounds incredible, both men fought to unify the World championships at Duality, and now with Will as the unified World Heavyweight Champion, can Jack Rogue get revenge."

Match One
If Steve Mitchell wins, he will be in the United States Championship match at Aftermath.

Steve Mitchell @Stonem
Damien Cortez @GeeKeD

"Caleb Lee upset Steve Mitchell last week, denying him an opportunity at the United States Championship, but Tyson Blade has given Mitchell a lifeline. If Steve can beat Damien Cortez, a man already confirmed for the United States Championship match, then he will earn his way into the match. Despite being very close to losing last week, Cortez looks to unleash his frustrations on Steve Mitchell, and deny him an opportunity at the title he desires."

Match Two

Intercontinental Championship Number One Contender's Match

Caleb Lee @Skywalker
Chris Young @impactking

"After countless arguments and split decisions backstage, Caleb Lee has one final chance to prove that he is worthy of being on the Precision roster. With no opponent for current Intercontinental Champion, Mad Dog Jimenez, set for Aftermath, Caleb will face Chris Young to see who will move on to face Mad Dog at the event. Young will be looking to get back at Jimenez for defeating him at Wrestle Dynasty II, whilst Lee looks to get in the good books of Kingsley, Blade, and Cipriani."

Segment One

Contract Signing

Will Neilson Sanic Sanic
Antonio Stark @The Anarchist
Luca Cipriani @Geek773

"It has been decided, in a long anticipated match, Will Neilson will defend his World Heavyweight Championship at Aftermath against the former champion, Antonio Stark. Tonight, they will both sign a contract to make the match official, with Trent Kingsley assigning Luca Cipriani to watch over the contract signing and make sure everything flows smoothly."

Match Three
"The Anarchist" Antonio Stark @The Anarchist

"Antonio Stark came up short against Chris Young last week, and this would only send him into a state of rage, demanding someone new to face this week. Kingsley accepted his request, and has said that he won't find out who he is facing until the match itself, who could the mystery man be?"

Main Event

Will Neilson Sanic Sanic
Jack Rogue @Geek773

"Will Neilson was pinned last week by Mad Dog Jimenez, and clearly wasn't happy about the result after giving Mad Dog himself a dirty look after the match. However, Tyson Blade was looking to give him another main event match against a former rival of his, Jack Rogue, with Will accepting looking to avenge his loss last week. These two go back quite a long way, and though Will has won both of their last two encounters, can Rogue win the third? Or can Neilson show everyone why he is the top dog in the company?"

- Deadline: 9:00 PM - UK Time - Sunday -
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