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The Architect

"Hello everybody! I'm Patrick Young and joining me here at the commentary table for the first Saturday Night Precision show since Aftermath, my broadcasting partner, Anthony Pederson."

"What a fantastic event it was, Patrick. The shocking debut of Tyler Keenan has created a buzz around the wrestling world."

"Speaking of the First-Rate Manipulator, Tyler Keenan has been booked in tonight's main event match to face the man who he confronted at Aftermath. If Tyler beats Will Neilson tonight, then he will get a chance to face him at 'Chaos in Motion' in Philadelphia for the World Heavyweight Championship!"

"Tonight is going to go down in the history books, we have several matches scheduled for tonight that are sure to make the fans go wild."

Segment One
Statements from all three Authority Figures

Trent Kingsley Sanic Sanic
Luca Cipriani @Geek773
Tyson Blade Skywalker Skywalker


All three authority figures made their way out seperately, with Trent Kingsley standing in the middle of the ring, Tyson Blade on his left, and a slightly nervous Luca Cipriani on the right. Trent speaks first, and talks about the Junior Heavyweight Division finally being introduced, he says that he hopes that this will attract more of the world's finest talent to Precision Wrestling. Luca then goes to speak next but...

'Ladies and Gentlemen' echoes around the arena, and the presumed retired Andersen Vega emerged from the back, getting a huge reaction from the crowd. He grabbed a microphone and stared down Trent in the ring, and talked about how he came back to Precision because they needed him, and that companies like Royal Wrestling Kingdom are easily outclassing Precision in every way. He demands a match with current World Heavyweight Champion, Will Neilson. Trent goes to speak, but Tyson interrupts him, shouting directly at Vega that he doesn't belong here anymore, and that he knew nothing of Vega signing with Precision.

Luca then quietly speaks up, saying he was the one to sign Andersen back to a contract, actually making him the highest payed member on the roster. Blade is furious, and goes to grab Cipriani but Kingsley separates them. Trent tells Vega he's back in Precision, but is now in the Junior Heavyweight Division, and cannot challenge for the World title at all.

Kingsley drops the mic and quickly leaves the ring along with Tyson Blade, Luca goes to leave too, but Vega stares him down before he leaves, telling Luca he did the right thing.

Match One
Gabriel Lars TrueAlpha TrueAlpha
Jack Rogue @Geek773

Winner - Gabriel Lars TrueAlpha TrueAlpha

"He did it! Gabriel Lars made a former Precision Champion tap out in the centre of the ring! It's obvious that Lars is set for big things after this victory, and we could see him in an even bigger match next week. But what has happened to Rogue? Is the veteran of Precision starting to deteriorate?"

Segment Two

The US Champ.

Damien Cortez @GeeKeD

- SEGMENT - by @GeeKeD -

The lights dim in the arena and a sole spotlight is shone in the ring. The ring is decorated with a velvet rug and there is a man sitting in a leather recliner in the middle. It is Damien Cortez with the title draped across his shoulder grinning.

"I am not the kind of person to tell you I told you so. But.."

He stares at the title on his shoulder grinning even more widely.

"I was born to rule. I was born to achieve and I was born to take everything and leave nothing. That is the rule of the street. Take what you can and defend it with your life. This is the first step...

Cortez stops and pours some rum into a glass with icecubes and sips it.

"Perro 'Merican carajo made..", he mumbles.

"They now know that I am a serious threat. Who? The people who run this 'business'", he says with quote marking his fingers.

"Why else would they do something to separate the titles into classes? You think that is going to stop me from owning everytitle and taking your business away from you? You see, to a person who runs a real 'business', there are people who will do anything for you, and if I can't hold all three...I will find a way where I can still own all three. Jajajaja."

Out of nowhere, the theme of the to be thought fired superstar, Caleb Lee, sounds around the arena as Cortez looks towards the ramp, drink and title still in hand. Caleb comes out from the back in his wrestling gear, as well as a microphone, as he looks towards Damien in the ring.

"Yo! If it isn't Damien Cortez! The new United States Champion! And that is title that was supposed to be won by me! That Tyson Blade really thought he could get rid of me that easily? I just wanted to have fun man, but I'm glad at least one of y'all backstage has the sense to re-sign me! I'm back everyone!"

Caleb raises one arm in the air and hops up and down on the stage, as Cortez seems to be exiting the ring, heading towards the commentary table.

"Ay you better stay right there Damien, because up next we find out who gonna be facing you for that belt. Yuri Williamson? J.D. Miller? Nah, I'm thinking more of... Caleb Lee vs. Damien Cortez! You know I'm in this match, and hey Damien, you can sit over there at the commentary table and watch why I am the guy who's going to be taking that title away from you!"

Caleb drops the mic and rushes down to the ring, Cortez having already escaped with his drink and title. Caleb throws the recliner and mat out of the ring, awaiting his opponents for tonight.

Match Two
Number One Contender's Match for the United States Championship.

Yuri Williamson Sanic Sanic
J.D Miller @Zap Kenobi
Caleb Lee Skywalker Skywalker

Winner - Caleb Lee Skywalker Skywalker

"He did just what he would say he would. Caleb Lee is heading to Chaos in Motion to face Damien Cortez for the United States Championship! With Williamson having J.D. Miller in 'The Williamson Effect' submission hold, and with Miller looking like he was about to tap, Caleb broke it up and nailed Yuri with the Butterfly DDT, picking up the win. After the match, Williamson was angry at J.D., deciding to take out his frustrations on the rookie. He looked to be going for the 'Taste of Anarchy' Hammerlock DDT, but Miller got the advantage, hitting a Leaping Reverse STO on Williamson and standing tall at the end of the match."

Match Three

Intercontinental Championship Match

Chris Young @impactking

Mad Dog Jimenez @Gino

Winner - and NEW Intercontinental Champion
Chris Young @impactking


"Chris Young did it! He's the new Intercontinental Champion!"

"Mad Dog seemed so close to retaining the title once again, but Chris Young finally managed to prevail, he walks out of here with his head held up high."

"Young gets revenge against Mad Dog for losing at Wrestle Dynasty II, and he seems to be taking it all in now."

Chris raises his newly won championship in the air, falling to his knees and clutching the belt, having finally won the title he has desired for what seems to be forever. The crowd cheer his victory, and as he raises the title one more time, Young gets back to his feet, slinging the title over his shoulder...

Before being quickly taken down by a Leaping Cutter!

A seemingly unknown individual stands in the ring, their dark red hair clearly visible to all as they look down at fallen Intercontinental Champion. The figure turns around in view of the cameras, and...

"I recognise him! Is that..."

"The former World Heavyweight Champion! Spencer Hyde is back in Precision! And he's taken down Chris Young!"

The now identifiable Spencer Hyde turns back around to face Chris Young, and picks up the Intercontinental Championship on the ground. Hyde examines the title, before placing his foot on the head of Chris Young, and raising the title in the air as a statement. The fans boo heavily at Spencer's actions, but he doesn't seem to care, as he leaves the ring with the title, and looks to walk up the ramp with it. However, Hyde stops and looks back at Young, throwing the Intercontinental Championship back in the ring so it lands by Chris.

Spencer walks backstage as Precision fades to commercials.

Main Event

If Keenan defeats Neilson, he will face Neilson in a match at 'Chaos in Motion' for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Tyler Keenan @Zap Kenobi
Will Neilson Sanic Sanic

Winner - Tyler Keenan @Zap Kenobi


"Here is your winner... and receiving a World Heavyweight Championship match at Chaos in Motion, Tyler... KEENAN!"

"Keenan wins! Keenan wins! That man just pinned the damn world champion in his Precision debut!"

"I'm... I'm speechless. I knew Tyler Keenan had built up a reputation for himself... but to come in and beat the champ in his debut match, as clean as a whistle may I add, is incredible."

With a Mulholland Driver securing the victory, Tyler Keenan scales the turnbuckles to celebrate, as Will Neilson sits down in the corner with his face in hands, having not only now lost to Tyler Keenan outside of Precision, but now in a Precision ring. He looks distraught as he grabs his World Heavyweight Championship, and stands up, staggering towards the celebrating Keenan. Tyler is still celebrating like there's no tomorrow, and jumps down from the turnbuckle to come face to face with Will Neilson. The 'First-Rate Manipulator' looks down at the World Heavyweight Championship and taps on it, mouthing to Neilson that he's coming for the title. Will still doesn't look impressed, and as Keenan goes to leave, Will turns him around to stare directly at him...

and delivers a brutal headbutt to the skull of Tyler Keenan! The 'Global Brand' goes down! The crowd has mixed reactions to this, but the cheers seem to retain majority, as Keenan looks to squirm out of the ring and to safety... but Will quickly grabs him in a Wristlock position...

transitioning into The Perfect Bullet! Keenan is down for good this time! Neilson runs his hands through his head, as he requests a microphone, and waits a few seconds before his request is granted. He kneels down and pulls Tyler's head up, so he is looking straight at him.

"Listen to me closely Tyler, because I will only say this once and I want you to understand it. Congratulations, you beat me tonight and are probably well proud of it aren't you? However... I refuse to let you even touch MY championship! This title represents all that is good in Precision! We don't need someone like to hold this and 'carry the company', because I'm the one doing that already. We don't need Tyler Keenan as champion, we need Will Neilson, and at Chaos in Motion...."

"I will beat you down to a fucking pulp, and show everyone that I am fucking better than you."

Will delivers one last boot to the face of Keenan, dropping the mic and walking out to a mainly positive reaction, as Keenan seems to have no idea where he is. Neilson walks backstage, title in hand, as the show fades to black.

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Winner - Gabriel Lars TrueAlpha TrueAlpha

"He did it! Gabriel Lars made a former Precision Champion tap out in the centre of the ring! It's obvious that Lars is set for big things after this victory, and we could see him in an even bigger match next week. But what has happened to Rogue? Is the veteran of Precision starting to deteriorate?"

2-0 both by submission :emoji_slight_smile:
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