Weekly (S3) Saturday Night Precision - Week 5

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The Showoff
Rising Star

"Hello everybody! I'm Patrick Young and joining me here at the commentary table for the first Saturday Night Precision show since Aftermath, my broadcasting partner, Anthony Pederson."

"What a fantastic event it was, Patrick. The shocking debut of Tyler Keenan has created a buzz around the wrestling world."

"Speaking of the First-Rate Manipulator, Tyler Keenan has been booked in tonight's main event match to face the man who he confronted at Aftermath. If Tyler beats Will Neilson tonight, then he will get a chance to face him at 'Chaos in Motion' in Philadelphia for the World Heavyweight Championship!"

"Tonight is going to go down in the history books, we have several matches scheduled for tonight that are sure to make the fans go wild."

Segment One
Statements from all three Authority Figures

Trent Kingsley @Sanic
Luca Cipriani @Geek773
Tyson Blade Skywalker Skywalker

"After the announcement of the Junior Heavyweight Division, the trio of Trent Kingsley, Luca Cipriani, and Tyson Blade will appear in person to explain how the division will work. It has also been expected that they will discuss the plans for the upcoming pay-per-view, Chaos in Motion."

Match One
Gabriel Lars TrueAlpha TrueAlpha
Jack Rogue @Geek773

"After an impressive win against J.D Miller, Precision management have decided to give Lars a test this week to really prove if he is the real deal. Jack Rogue will face Gabriel Lars. Rogue hasn't been on the greatest of runs recently, however, he could turn momentum back his way if he picks up a win here tonight."

Segment Two

The US Champ.

Damien Cortez @GeeKeD

"After winning the triple threat match at Aftermath to become win the US Title, Damien Cortez has requested an audience to speak about his win and what he will do to his challenger come 'Chaos in Motion'. Whatever he says, it will be a must-see segment."

Match Two
Number One Contender's Match for the United States Championship.

Yuri Williamson @Sanic
J.D Miller @Zap Kenobi

"After announcing that members of the Young Lion's Division will be able to go after the United States Championship, it was decided that there will be a fatal-four-way match to decide who will be next to face Damien Cortez for the title. The announced competitors so far are J.D Miller and Yuri Williamson, however, there will be two other mystery participants added to the match to make it four people fighting for a chance to compete for the US Title. Who will come out on top and who will these other two participants be?"

Match Three

Intercontinental Championship Match

Chris Young @impactking

Mad Dog Jimenez @Gino

"After defeating Jack Rogue at Aftermath, Chris Young finally has his chance to win the IC Title that he has so desperately coveted since Wrestle Dynasty II. Mad Dog's match at Aftermath was a no-contest after his opponent, Caleb Lee wasn't able to wrestle that night. In a match that should excited, will Chris Young finally win what he's always wanted? Or will Mad Dog continue his Intercontinental Championship reign?"

Main Event

If Keenan defeats Neilson, he will face Neilson in a match at 'Chaos in Motion' for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Tyler Keenan @Zap Kenobi
Will Neilson @Sanic

"The match we have all been waiting to see. The Great British Meme. The First-Rate Manipulator. Tyler Keenan vs Will Neilson. These two competitors and rivals will finally go head-to-head because of the events of Aftermath, where Keenan decided to interrupt the champion after his victory against Antonio Stark. Hopefully, this match will give us a few answers. Why is Tyler Keenan here in Precision? Will he go on to face Neilson for the title at 'Chaos in Motion'? Will Neilson finally put a stop to the unstoppable force that is Tyler Keenan? Either way, this match will be a historic bout between two great talents."

- Deadline: 9:00 PM - UK Time - Sunday -
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