WrestleMania Sabei (Generico) & Ohno vs The Wyatt Family

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xy4eac_rami-sebei-and-kassius-ohno-vs-luke-harper-and-erick-rowan-nxt-live-03-08-2013_sport#.UT-MuBzZbE9[/video]
    From a hosue show. Wyatt Family vs Ramei Sabei (El Generico) and Kassius Ohno. Sabei again sporting different gear. This makes it seem even more to me like they are trying different things out with him before deciding on what to do exactly. He still worked really well in this match and doesn't seem to have a problem getting the crowd going. Ohno also seems to be working as a face. Smart move in my opinion since NXT lacks main event faces and Ohno/Hero always worked better as a cocky face. I loved his interacting with the crowd in this one.

    What are your opinions?
  2. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna take this guy here and break his arm.

    That was Chris Hero, post WM an arrogant face Ohno toppling the heel Cesaro is a great oppourtunity to cement 2 guys at once, hint at their past and it'd elevate everything.
  3. Just realized I'm watching Brodie Lee vs El Generico and Hero. I'm interested in NXT a great deal now.
  4. Throw in PAC as one of the tag champs, Bo Dallas, the man formerly known as Sterling James Keenan on the indys. Kruger, A couple of indy divas and the rest of the guys (Xavier Woods for example but he is seldom on due to his college studies, expect more once his phd is done) and you have one hell of a show. Only an hour a week as well so easy to sit through.
  5. Bo Dallas has never interested me tbh.
  6. His "Family" is taking care of him :obama:
  7. Also why the fuck did I write Bo Dallas? never once intended to write him down on that list. That was supposed to Be Bray Wyatt.
  8. That confused me as well....
  9. Bo is ghosting me. I need to call Bray and have it taken care off. Or a young priest and an old priest.
  10. Gohan is a priest
  11. But for what church? Satan?
  12. Pipebomb church, I like these kind of threads were the only people who post in them so quality is practically irrelevant
  13. Yeah lol.

    But to try and stay on point. Generico worked well without the mask. It will take some getting used to but he is making it work. He did get the crowd involved well.
  14. Also lets get some people in here. @Rain #IfTagsWork
  15. Don't work, pm him. Also Generico played the comedy underdog well, especially when he was swaying looking for a tag. Ohno was the star though imo, he seemed a lot more comfortable.
  16. Yeah, Ohno shone there. Brody works well as the big heel but that is no surprise. Ohno needs to go face on TV pretty soon (probably next tapings after some kind of blow off with Regal). Generico probably won't be on TV soon so they have time to work out a character for him, plus on developmental they can easily take him off and bring him back with a new one quickly like they did with Kruger and now apparently Ohno.
  17. Brodie looks beastly, he could be a solid upper mid card heel. A possible turn could be the respect angle between Ohno and Regal, say a heel attacks William after a 15 minute war with Kassius, he turns and saves him saying something along the lines of he respects Regal for taking the beating he did and coming back for more.

    Could be an easy tie in for a new fued also.
  18. Yeah, would have to be one hell of a beating between Ohno and Regal methinks. Since on the last episode on the latest taping Ohno said he didn't respect Regal because of Regal "going weak". They had a promo exchange were Regal said he saw himself in Ohno and wanted him to turn his life around to not become like him. So yeah Regal will turn Ohno.
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