Sable for WWE HOF 2013?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Sable/WWE HOF?, Lashley vs. Fedor in MMA, More...
    Posted by: Caylon Knox on Apr 09 2012

    There is some gossip that WWE might induct Brock Lesnar's wife Rena into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Rena was formerly known as WWE Diva "Sable" back in the 1990s and was considered to be one of WWE's most popular Divas back in the day. It's said that WWE would like to induct at least one female into the HOF every year

    ^Ironic how Brock Lesnar returns to WWE and now possibly his wife Rena who was Sable could be inducted into next years hall of fame. Maybe that was included in his 1 year contract. I thnk its awesome if she gets inducted she was a big part of the 1990's being the hottest diva around then
  2. Tbh it probably was in the contract which is sickening.
  3. Probs was in the contract but in Sable's defence it would be deserved as she did do a lot for the WWE and divas back at that time so I have no issues with it.

    Just sickening!

    How could they jeopardize the integrity of the WWE HOF!??! I'm going to go throw up, this is just disgusting!

    As Cloud said she is 'deserving' anyway. If that useless slut Sunny got in why not Sable?
  5. Don't really care tbh, she's the embodiment of what's wrong with the divas so why not.
  6. Did not knew she was Brock's wife. :okay:
  7. Big Hoss's fantasy ruined there LOL
  8. Ruined. Wish I never read this thread. :sad:
  9. :pity::pity::pity::pity:
  10. Another smart move by Brock making sure his wife gets inducted as part of his contract

    Big Hoss Rambler its been common knowledge for a long time they were married. They got together in 2003 which was Brock's second year in WWE. Lucky guy
  11. Brock is lucky indeed. Who wouldn't want Marc Mero's sloppy seconds? I sure would

  12. Can't, stop, laughing.
  13. WOW stirring his porridge I forgot bout that! LMAO

  14. I don't really keep in track of wrestlers personal life.

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  15. Same, I didn't know they were married either. I just knew he was married to some hot chick.
  16. Do you think Brock will induct his wife??? or will it be Vince???
  17. It should be Brock.
  18. May aswell have Kelly Kelly do it, Kelly is essentially the modern day Sable.
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