Other Sabu in pretty bad shape

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Roadster, Aug 24, 2015.

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  1. Pro Wrestling Syndicate is one of the hottest independent organizations in the country, often booking former WWE and WCW stars as well as top indie talents. They started booking ECW Original Sabu a while back but had some issues after bringing him in for an event in New Jersey this weekend. PWS co-promoter Pat Buck detailed the troubles with Sabu in a lengthy Facebook post, which is below. Buck's credit card was charged a $250.00 per night smoking charge by the hotel they put Sabu in. The hotel informed Buck that they found several syringes and needles from drug use, as well as dog feces on the walls, towels and sheets. Buck says he was shown some "horrifying pictures" and that blood & feces were everywhere in the room.

    I talked with PWS co-owner Eric Pleska today about the troubles with Sabu and he commented, "From my end it was just weird. I've been dealing with Sabu since PWS started in 2007 and never really had an issue like this. Especially with PWS losing Trent Acid and Paul E Normus to drug related deaths, it always irks me when there's the possibility of someone using in our locker room."

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