SACKED - Mancini

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Acailler, May 13, 2013.

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  1. And so it begins...

  2. Absolutely retarded decisions. Man City literally are the new Chelsea.
  3. AGREED. I don't see what the point in sacking him with a game to go is...

    Southport Managers job is available :smug:
  4. He won the FA Cup two years ago, and the premier league title the year after, but sacked after one trophy less season. Absolutely ludicrous.
  5. Stupid decision. Interesting for next season though with City, Utd and Chelsea all going to be introducing new managers.
  6. Well that sure as hell is a stupid decision from a football club if I ever saw one.
  7. I woudn't say there that bad yet lol but still he's actually had more time than i thought he'd get
  8. If United did this to Ferguson when failed to win a cup in a season, United would not be the successful team they are today.
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  9. 13th may 2012 man city win the premier league

    13th may 2013 man city sack roberto mancini man united have title parade
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  10. Shocking, can't help but be a little bit happy though, don't like City, and I wouldn't have liked Mancini if he wasn't a nutter. :lol1:
  11. They'll get Pellegrini now probably.
  12. Probably or maybe rafa for his experiance in europe
  13. No way Jose'

    (get it?)
  14. Yes hahaha i like it. It would be amusing to see chelsea fans reaction if they got him
  15. Considering he couldn't win a title after spending over £200million with Real Madrid, it will certainly be interesting! RM did finish with 96 points with Pellegrini to be fair, but just didn't match to Barca's standard even though RM spent much more money.
  16. Yeah he kinda' didn't do too well with them, but to be honest, RM are such a hard club to manage. He did wonders with Malaga.
  17. It wasn't really him that spent it tbf it was their president he probably had zero control on who came in
  18. His run with Malaga has been remarkable, but I just think his Real Madrid experience is more relatable to managing Man City based on their financial and league status.
  19. Still, with players like Ronaldo, Alonso and Benzema, especially with their values, success would be expected.
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