Sacrifice Injury Updates, Bobby Roode About to Make History, More News

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, May 14, 2012.

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  1. BobVD update:

    Jason Powell of Pro Wrestling Dot Net.

    Discuss. :taker:
  2. Surprised he's not seriously injured, when his leg got caught I feared the worst. It was like a slow motion snap I swear. Definitely not the wrestling PPV of the year though.
  3. :youdontsay:

    Glad RVD didn't get fucked up too bad.. some of the spots looked pretty rough on him.
  4. Hopefully they make Roode's title reign the big deal this Thursday, maybe a return of James Storm or something. Imo, the title must be defended bcuz of the circumstances.
  5. Another fun fact: If Gail Kim can make it through the Impact tapings with the Knockouts' title, she'll become the longest-reigning Knockouts' champion in TNA History. Perfect timing?

    Can't believe BVD came out okay after that. Thank goodness.

    And it could have been the best PPV of the year, the in-ring action was solid, but we didn't have a reason to care.
    If you look at the long-term impact of this PPV, I guess you could argue as such.
    Not sure if we rated another PPV a 6.5 out of 10, did we?
  6. Crazy that all at the same time you have the longest KO's reign, longest X Div reign, and longest TNA world title reign
  7. Rob van Dam was on fire yesterday, really enjoyed him and glad he's ok.


    Btw, according to OVW's website, Johnny Spade is the Heavyweight champ..
  8. Proof that titles matter now.:true:

    No Jose, Terry's the champ now there.
  9. I think that it just ain't updated, you see:

    Plus, two-three sites as and TNASwerve reported it too.:burns:
  10. I'm a Jesse Godderz mark

  11. Him and Terry are tag team known as "Freak 'N Pectacular". Boss name.
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