Saddest movies

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  1. Name the saddest movies you've ever seen. Try to Keep it 1 per post.


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  2. I'm pretty sure I've seen that movie before (at least I've been told I saw it), but I don't remember absolutely anything from it. I hardy ever watch movies, so I don't have any movie in my mind right now.
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  3. Titanic
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  4. I was waiting for a fella to say that.
  5. toy story 3 :emoji_slight_frown:
  6. I liked 1 and 2 better. :cry:
  7. Fox and the Hound!
  8. That scene on the beggining where they show the old man and his wife's live and she dies in the end (I believe) is quite sad. :upset:
  9. That's just the plot.
  10. But don't they show it quickly in the beggining with some dramatic music playing along? :downer:
  11. I know it is, i was being deadly serious. :gusta:
  12. Passion of the Christ and i forget the name of it, but it has Keanu Reeves and he's a baseball coach. The part when the kid gets shot was the 1st time I ever cried over a movie
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  13. Forrest. Forrest Gump.
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  14. Hardball. I saw it and was like WTF i didnt expect it at all, and that was pretty much the end of the movie. :dafuq:
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  15. yea that's it, thank you
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  16. Anyone seen the kite runner?
  17. I've watched the beggining of that movie, I believe.
  18. titanic is gonna be on HBO if u wanna catch it
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