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  1. What are somethings you never said/done that you wish you have/had?
    What are something you wish you never said/done out of regret?

    I wish I would have been nice to the kids I went to school with who got bullied. I wasn't mean, but I never did anything to help them. I was too rapped up in my own torture to actually lend a helping hand. I got picked on quite a bit in school. In high school, no one really talked to me. I would see kids treating other kids so disgustingly mean and I would feel bad, but I never just said, "hey, screw them, their opinions don't matter.". or actually tried to have a friendship with them. The friends I chose to have, on the other hand, were nothing but back stabbers. I guess that is why it doesn't bother me not to have any. I just wish I woulda looked past all my "poor me" bs I had when I was a teen and made an effort to make someone who genuinely needed it, feel happy. I can't stand seeing someone hurt or in pain. I guess I am sensitive toward that kinda stuff in that, I don't need to know or even speak to another person, to feel their pain.
  2. This is a little personal, but not too personal, so I will share.

    I wish I had cut my dad out of my life sooner and told him to burn in hell. I haven't spoken to him in several years and after the way that bastard treated me in the time before I got married, it's going to stay that way.
  3. I am sorry that happened to you. Men don't grasp the importance their relationship is with their daughter. They don't say a girl with "mommy issues" do they? I went like 7 years without talking to my dad.
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