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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. You are going to post a sentence (At least 5 words) all beginning with the same letter. This is going to go in alphabetical order. I will start with "A" so the poster below me will use "B" then the poster below him/her will use "C"... And continue on with the alphabet in order.

    I will start!

    A: An Alligator Accidentally Ate Apples.
  2. Baby Birds Bite Because Big Bad Baboons Bother Baby Birds.
  3. Claire Chopped Carrots Calmly
  4. Donna Described Diana's Dildo Disgustingly
  5. Everyone elasticated Elena eventually.
  6. Five words minimum. :bury:

    Fern Fletcher followed Fred Fletcher.
  7. Show Spoiler

    Gregg Gets Green Group Gagged

  8. Five words minimum. :bury:


  9. Giggling Gary Got Gang-banged Gorgeously. (wow thats bad)
  10. Inappropriate.

    Hairy Harry Has Hairy Hair.
  11. Ian intellectually incorporates Ion industries.
  12. :sad:


    John James Jokingly Judges Jews
  13. Kelly Kelly Knows Kris Kristopherson.
  14. Luckily Lucy Likes Large Lemons
  15. Many monkeys masturbate Monday mornings.
  16. Naughty Neon Nabarleks Nibble Nectarines.
  17. Oprah Owned Obadiah On Ophthalmology.
  18. Paul Painfully Prosecuted phat Pauline
  19. Quality Queen Quickly Quacked Quietly.
  20. Rodney Ravivshly Ran Round Roads
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