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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Laura, May 5, 2013.

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  1. Anybody heard of this song by Macklemore? A friend recommended it to me. It's one of the most inspirational songs I've ever heard, so I thought maybe you guys might like it too. :emoji_slight_smile:

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  2. The music video for this song is so raw and beautiful. It almost made me cry the first time I saw it. Great song!
  3. Not really into Macklemore at all, but this was a nice song he did. I do applaud him for it, it was really good.
  4. Only song of their's I've heard is "Can't Hold Us" - typical modern pop song.
  5. Religion is a man made tool to control people. That's why is causes wars. What really makes me mad is when I see supposed "Christians" protesting that God hates fags & homosexuals... It is not true. Read the Bible. The result of it is abuncha people controlled by religion.. Even Christians. Being a Christian has nothing to do with religion but man made it that way. I know most of you don't believe in God or the Bible so I will keep this short in saying that a big reason I don't even go to church is because they kick gays out but its okay for liars, thieves, murders, adulters & even child molesters to attend. I don't think its right for people to justify what a person wants to believe in or attend to. I don't care what your skin color is or your sexual preference is, to keep a person from believing in God is complete BS.
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  6. Wrong thread? Didn't listen to the song so ignore this if it's about the song :lol1:
  7. No just pointing out that religion is bs as he mentioned in the song.
  8. The instrumental is just perfect and the lyrics much better... This is what I want in my wedding (if someday I get married)
  9. :true:
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  10. I love Macklmore and when I saw the music video, I literally almost in tears. Being in San Francisco, you're exposed to so much of the homosexual lifestyle and living in this generation, there's always homophobics no matter where you are. Many of my homosexual friends have went through so much and I've seen plenty beatdowns that just make me so angry at those people, even at Religion. I've been thinking about religion for awhile and I don't go to church either for almost the same reason Brit has. It's also because I'm not going to let anyone else tell me what God means to me. I have my own meaning of God and I absolutely hate it when people tell me otherwise, especially my own family.

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  11. To me, God is real love and love would NEVER be cruel to another human being in such a matter to judge them so disgustingly.
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  12. Exactly. That's my exact definition.

    It makes me wonder, if God cares and loves all things he created, shouldn't he also love and protect the people who don't believe in him as well?
  13. Religion is what made people believe him to be a hateful being. He loves EVERYONE! If people would go to the source and stop listening to people teach religion they would know that.
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  14. If "he" loved everyone, why would "he" allow things such as AIDS/cancer to exist. Or does "he" not have control over that?
  15. He doesn't control what we do to each other. A big portion of cancers is the result of PEOPLE messing with our food sources and us just not taking care of ourselves. Aids was created in a lab my MAN, not God. I know, what about about evil people hurting the innocent... or storms.... or tragedies like 9/11 where people were killed having it not be unto their own fault... God created this world to work under physical laws. Like gravity for instance. If he were to suspend gravity to save one life, millions of others would be hurt or killed. I am horrible at explaining things which is why I try to keep my mouth shut.. lol, but we chose (as humans) free will. The consequences of choosing freewill are death, disease, and sins in general. If you want to blame anyone, blame Eve for tempting Adam or better yet, blame the devil himself. I am still learning things myself and I know things like this are hard for people who don't believe in Him. Quite a few things have been proven with science that were taught in the bible though... Like our emotions for example & the way we talk. If someone is angry and speaks out of anger, it effects their physical body and can and does result in sickness. I can't remember what the study was called so you will have to look it up, but that is just one example. Even if you don't believe in the Bible or God or Jesus, that book, The things God taught, and Jesus taught are amazing stepping stones to live by. I never understood hating Jesus in the first place because, he taught people to love each other & not judge each other. He wanted people to live in peace so people hating a man who professed love just never made sense to me, believing in him or not. He did exist though, history has proven that, people just have to choose to believe what they want about him. Religion has given God a bad name, and man created religion.
  16. Brita, you can't honestly believe in Adam & Eve. If that were true we'd all be inbred and the same race. The book of Genesis is just a bunch of stories written, like the Grimm fairy tales, to scare children into behaving.
  17. Why the fuck does Jonathan continue to try and derail religion? Your tiny mind holds no influence to those who are religious Jonathan, so stop trying to derail it with "logic". It says more about you than any religious person that you continue to do this.
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    Tantric Buddhism/Hinduism is to me, the most interesting "belief"/religion/whatever you want to call it. It focuses more on self knowledge, self mastery, teaches a sense of respect of life and it's mysteries, *psychological and "spiritual" pleasure, etc. It's really self gratifying. I'm a selfish bastard :happy:

    Abrahamic religions are not for me...
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  19. I do believe they were the first created & I always will. Deemed crazy or not, its what I believe and no one will change my beliefs. Plus, whos to say that there were not others created as well that the bible doesn't speak of? For me though... As I said before, this reality isn't as real as the spiritual reality to me. I know thats hard to understand but I guess I am "out there" lol
  20. Where's your proof of "people messing with food to create cancers" and "Aids being man made"? Just wondering.

    Seems to me like you believe in too many conspiracy theories. For example, I saw a tweet the other day you were talking about chemtrails. You do know that when the planes are flying at such high altitude the temperate is like -50c, the heat in the engines causes condensation with the cold air, thus creating those trails. They're not spraying posion on all over you. The speed and the difference in temperatures causes those.

    So why did God not put gravity on other planets, or atmosphere where things can survive on other planets? All the billions of stars and planets "he created" and the only one he put life on is ours?
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