Sami Callihan now known as Solomon Crowe

Discussion in 'NXT' started by GrammarNazi82, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. Sami Callihan has apparently been renamed as Solomon Crowe. His @samicallihan Twitter handle no longer works and has been replaced with @WWECrowe. Here is his tweet from earlier on the matter:

    Here is his simple Twitter profile, as well as the background image for his Twitter feed:



    Seems to be some changes on the horizon, but I'll kinda' miss the good ole' Callihan name.
  2. Whatever... just keep doing shit and i'll watch...
  3. REMIND ME TO WATCH THIS SHIT when he debuts. I am so juiced. Thanks again Dust this dude is a fucking monster.
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  4. snagging that easy like.

    You can have Zayn. I got this badass mafk.
  5. They seem to be getting more wrestlers ready for prime time renaming everyone and whatnot. I can't wait to see all these debuts/re-debuts :smug:
  6. i do prefer Callihan honestly. That name is so much > any other option.
  7. Best NXT name I've ever heard
  8. If the name and picture have any indication, this gimmick is going to be sadistic and awesome.
  9. Better than Sami Callihan to be honest.
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  10. i do have to concede. I love the name Sami Callahan, but Solomon Crowe is pretty damn good too. Better than what a lot of people are being handed.
  11. Really like this so far.
  12. Apparently they come up with their own names. So whoever comes up with a jobber name deserves a jobber name I guess.
  13. really? damn. Those new female roster names really disappointed in my opinion.
  14. I like the name.
  15. have you seen his shit? He is a fucking boss IMO. He wont make top talent, but only because he doesnt look like orton/hold himself the same. This is the kind of guy who will make a wyatt like entrance. Something people are entertained by, but fear.
  16. So they fired the guy who named Chris Hero Kassius Ohno right? Because this name is dope.
  17. a few messages above someone let me know they pick their own names now. Way to read the thread. Also, PM and learn2skype.
  18. Sounds pretty good,looking forward to his debut.
  19. SamiRulez.
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